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06 Oct 2010

Chicago Activists Raided by FBI Refuse to Participate in “Fishing Expedition”

Weeks after the FBI raided their home, two Chicago
activists, Stephanie Weiner and Joe Iosbaker, stood before a crowd of about 150
Chicagoans gathered outside the Dirksen Federal Building and declared during a
press conference they, and twelve others who were subpoenaed, have no intention to go before any grand juries and participate in a “fishing expedition.”

25 Nov 2009

Single Payer Advocates Address Deep Flaws in Democratic Health Bill

On the day before Thanksgiving, members of single payer advocacy organizations gathered for a press conference to voice strong concerns with a Democratic health bill that they feel fails to address the biggest problems with health care in America.


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The Bullpen

14 May 2012

Clyburn Rejects Obama’s State’s Rights Approach on Marriage Equality

A positive side effect of Barack Obama’s shift on marriage equality, aside from revealing Andrew Sullivan’s daddy fixation, is that it has forced a good bit of the Democratic establishment to come off the fence and to support equality themselves. Since the announcement last week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid,

14 May 2012

Glass-Steagall or Bank Size? Why Not Both, And More?

In the wake of JPMorgan Chase’s Fail Whale trade, proponents of stiffer regulation on Wall Street than what was ushered in with Dodd-Frank have offered a variety of solutions. In truth all of them could be beneficial in tandem to reduce risk and political influence from the financial system. For

14 May 2012

Brown Proposes Clever Raid of Foreclosure Fraud Settlement Funds

This was inevitable. California is $7 billion more in the budget hole than they expected at the end of last year, and they need money from any source. The federal government delivered $410 million to California in the foreclosure fraud settlement. That money is supposed to go to homeowners, but

14 May 2012

Greece, Spain, Ireland, Wisconsin, California: It’s the Bad Economics, Stupid

We’re now seeing story after story about European austerity policies, all insisting they have no choice but to continue slashing already crippled government spending and draining money out of people’s wages, pensions and health care. The fact these policies are creating unemployment rates from 20% to 50% depending on the

14 May 2012

Republicans Still Leaning Toward Ideological Choices in US Senate Primaries

Democrats have pinned their hopes to hold onto the Senate on what they believe is a self-destructive streak among Republican primary voters. Faced with a choice between a more electable candidate and a more ideologically pure one, in 2010 the party almost always chose the ideological one. In states like

14 May 2012

Our Unsustainable Higher Education System

In my story on California’s budget woes, I mentioned a study showing that more qualified high school graduates are choosing not to attend college because they are priced out of the market for higher education. I should add that the ones who do choose to matriculate end up with a



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