15 Jan 2007

Let’s Keep Up the Heat

I have some news on a couple of fronts, and I want to ask you readers to help with your actions: First, I want to applaud John Edwards' call yesterday for people to push their members of Congress to just say "no" to Bush's escalation in Iraq, and even more,

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14 Jan 2007

Face the Snark

© Steve Bell (courtesy The Guardian Unlimited) for the week ending 1/13/07: Oh, the cascade of tears.  Like the monsoons of India, like the Pleiades Perseid meteor showers, like Bush's poll numbers, the literal and metaphoric tears fell. Admitting that "mistakes have been made" (by other people), automaton Bush was

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03 Jan 2007

Some Dare Call Them “Concentration Camps” (Pt. 1)

(David Neiwert blogs at Orcinus)  Last week, Pachacutec raised a few eyebrows by referring to the privately operated "detention centers" where Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been incarcerating thousands of illegal immigrants, including their citizen children, as "concentration camps." Some of his commenters particularly objected, like my elderly inquisitor, to

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21 Dec 2006

A Confederacy of Sociopaths

Things like this gets Michelle Malkin hot.
According to those familiar with the families in the private prison, children of those apprehended are dressed in prison jumpsuits and receive only one hour of schooling and one hour of recreation a day. The trade-off is that they get to remain with their families.

Hard information on the program and the private prison is difficult to come by.

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21 Dec 2006

Take Action: Immigrants Imprisoned in American Concentration Camps, On Christmas

Latina Lista has been doing fantastic work on the story of the truly evil ICE roundup of immigrant children and families, which has in many cases left American citizen children effectively orphaned.  Now, we learn of American concentration camps* for brown people, holding hundreds of children, just in time for

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27 Oct 2006

Go get a monkey of your own

Every which way but funny

A couple of years ago (during an era best forgotten) someone at CNBC thought it would be a good idea to give that fount of flopsweat, Dennis Miller, yet another show because people used to think that he was funny for about five minutes in his career …

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15 Jun 2006

Late Nite FDL: I’m Just Wild About Harry

  Every once in a while you’ve got to come to the defense of your fellow bloggers, and tonight I’m afraid Harry Hutton needs a bit of rescuing.  Harry’s been mistaken for an eliminationist wingnut and knowing Harry everything he will do to defend himself in the situation will be

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11 Jun 2005

Thanks, I’ll Just Stand Over Here

Harry Hutton convinced the Columbian anti-narcotics police to let him go on one of their drug raids. The picture above, which commemorates 920 kilos of cocaine going up in an offering to the god of deviated septums and Def Leppard, would’ve reduce lesser men to tears.

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19 Apr 2005

More Proof of the Sad State of My Mental Health

jennifer lopez has been shot!! This is most definitely in evidence with my newfound affection for English teacher Harry Hutton at Chase Me Ladies, I’m the Cavalry: What do I do with the money I saved by not paying my taxes? It’s no good just having money; it’s a question

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30 Jan 2004

Too bad it’s not catching….

The gentlemen of the BBC have done the correct thing:

British Broadcasting Corp. reporter Andrew Gilligan, whose story about Iraqi weapons led to a feud with the British government and a judicial inquiry, said Friday he was resigning from the BBC.

In a statement, Gilligan apologized for mistakes in his May 2003 story.

“My departure is at my own initiative,” he said.

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