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15 Jul 2011

Notes on Civil Liberties for July 15

Here’s today’s blog for the latest news and updates on civil liberties and digital freedom issues. All times are in EST. And, if you have any news tips and would like to contact me, email dissenter@shadowproof.wpengine.com. 10:50 AM ET The Bill of Rights Defense Committee has launched a campaign, “Shine

15 Jul 2011

Welcome to FDL’s The Dissenter

(photo: Shrieking Tree) It is with great excitement that I welcome you to The Dissenter, a Firedoglake blog that will cover civil liberties and digital freedom issues. It will feature regular coverage of the torture scandal that continues to wear on and the ongoing US government war on WikiLeaks, along

14 Jul 2011

Sen. John McCain Renews Push for Senate Committee to Halt WikiLeaks’ Undermining of America

On Wednesday, Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona renewed his push for the creation of a temporary Senate committee to investigate WikiLeaks and the hacktivist group Anonymous that would be called the Committee on Cyber Security and Electronic Intelligence Leaks.

30 Dec 2010

The Best Films of 2010

Screen shot from the trailer of Inception     10. Black Swan   Using the ballet “Swan Lake” as a backdrop, this film intensely brings to life the reality that performers can often lose their selves when performing. Directed by Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream, The Wrestler), Nina Sayers


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18 Jul 2011

“Trainers” Eyed for Iraq Post-Withdrawal

It was more than clear that the Iraqi government, as currently constructed, would not possibly allow for an extended US military presence beyond the outlined date in the status of forces agreement at the end of 2011. There are serious obstacles, mainly that a significant bloc of the coalition has

18 Jul 2011

Medicare’s Universality Protects It From Being Gutted

Via Think Progress, Julie Rovner has a good piece about means testing in Medicare. A means test is a test to determine whether you get a particular benefit, not how much you pay for it. Medicaid is a means-tested program. So are Food Stamps. If Medicare actually was means-tested, then

18 Jul 2011

Durbin Joins Call for Congressional Hearings on News Corp. Scandal

Another powerful Senator has called for an investigation into Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. after continued allegations and arrests into the phone hacking scandal in Britain. Sen. Dick Durbin (Ill.), the second-ranking Senate Democrat, has called for congressional hearings and investigations of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire to determine whether it employed

18 Jul 2011

Senate Cancels All Recesses Until Debt Limit Increased

The Senate will stay in session, working weekends as well as weekdays, until the debt limit issue is cleared, according to Majority Leader Harry Reid, in a statement: The Senate has no more important task than making sure the United States does not fail to pay our bills for pre-existing

18 Jul 2011

Krugman: Don’t Let the Banks Walk Without a Foreclosure Fraud Investigation

Paul Krugman waltzed into the foreclosure fraud settlement today, with a column that even John McCain found himself agreeing with. That’s because it criticizes the Obama Administration for letting the banks get off easy in the aftermath of the financial crisis, and in preparing to offer a settlement on foreclosure

18 Jul 2011

Great News: Doha Trade Talks Are Breaking Down and It’s the White House’s Fault!

This could be the best news I’ve heard about the Obama Administration in a while. It seems that the President of the World Bank is mad at them. In an address to be delivered at a World Trade Organization meeting in Geneva on Monday, Zoellick cites the United States by