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28 Jul 2011

The ‘WikiLeaks Phenomenon’ & the Disease of Secrecy Within the US Govt

More than a thousand government organizations and nearly two thousand private companies currently work counterterrorism, homeland security and intelligence programs. Well over two million Defense Department civilian, military and contractor personnel hold confidential, secret and top secret level security clearances. At the same time, the US government engages in a gross amount of classification of information, significantly limiting what citizens are allowed to know about the operations of government and effectively shielding routine abuses of power from scrutiny and outrage.

28 Jul 2011

Air Force Teaching Guide Minimizes History of Recruiting Nazis, Part Two

The historical revisionism around the history of U.S. military and intelligence activities continues apace. It flourishes in part because of the secrecy that has long surrounded these activities, and the difficulty of obtaining even open source material. One important secret project involved the importation of Nazi scientists to the United States, Operation Paperclip. Scientists not only participated in Air Force rocket programs, but in military-CIA mind control programs at Edgewood Arsenal, Ft. Detrick, Maryland.

28 Jul 2011

WikiLeaks Cables: The US Government’s Continued Campaign Against Aristide

(photo: Frontpage of the current edition of Haïti Liberté featuring coverage of what WikiLeaks cables reveal on Aristide ) In Haïti Liberté’s latest coverage of US State Embassy cables released by WikiLeaks, the Haitian newspaper examines the “obsessive” and “far-reaching” campaign to keep former Haiti president Jean Bertrand-Aristide out of

28 Jul 2011

Air Force Teaching Guide Minimizes History of Recruiting Nazis, Part One

Why does the United States Air Force, in their teaching materials provided to ICBM missile combat crew at Air Force Global Strike Command, present such a sympathetic portrayal of former Nazi scientist and SS officer Werner von Braun, and why does the Air Force limit their discussion about Nazi involvement in the U.S. space program to “only one man,” von Braun? The reason is simple, but shocking to many, as the history has been largely covered-up, or relegated to out-of-print history books: the U.S. missile program, and much of its military science program in the post-World War II period, was imported wholesale from the Nazis, including their leading scientists.


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02 Aug 2011

White House Hopes Catfood Commission II Takes Bush Tax Cuts Off the Table for Them

I guess I’m supposed to be excited by the fact that the Senate leadership used the Catfood Commission II as a carrot to get their caucus to sign onto the debt deal. Three Republican Senate sources tell TWS that senators who vote against the deal will be ineligible to serve

02 Aug 2011

The Next Hostage Crises: 2012 Appropriations, Federal Gas Tax

John Boehner says that he got 98% of what he wanted out of the debt limit fight. The only thing I can conceivably think of that he didn’t get was an additional hostage-taking situation over the debt limit. But those are in great supply in Washington. First, Boehner and the

02 Aug 2011

Debt Limit FUBAR Could Sap Progressive Energy for Wisconsin Recalls

I mentioned yesterday that one of the overlooked consequences of this debt deal is the timing. It came one week before recall elections in Wisconsin that actually represent the best of the progressive movement and a backlash against the forces that won a landslide in 2010. Consider what happened there.

02 Aug 2011

Defense Cuts in Debt Limit Deal Less Than Meets the Eye

Among the silver linings in this deal, progressives are told, are that it makes real and thoroughgoing cuts to the defense budget. The Pentagon is supposed to be one of the big losers in the deal. This was the President’s unwavering vow, according to the obligatory Politico tick-tock. And yet,

02 Aug 2011

FAA Still on Partial Shutdown as Congress Goes on August Recess

Add another $1.2 billion in lost revenue to the contracting fiscal policy we’re embarking on in the midst of a low-growth jobs crisis. After passing the debt limit deal today in the Senate, Congress plans to take a vacation for a month. That’s despite some unfinished business. The FAA is

02 Aug 2011

States, Everyone in Them, Country Screwed By Debt Limit Deal, Fiscal Policy Path

We’re starting to get the hard numbers on what the debt limit deal, which passed the House yesterday and will pass the Senate today, would mean for the US economy. It’s really not pretty. Since only a cockeyed optimist would think that fiscal policy is going to be get better