06 Apr 2010

Debate war as it is, not as you want it to be

War is ugly. It sounds like a cliché at this point, and most of us never really have to think about how truly horrifying it is. This week, however, we got some disturbing glimpses into the reality of the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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06 Apr 2010

Neo-Cons Defend Massacre of Iraqi Journalists, Children

Bloodthirsty neo-cons who would defend barbecuing Arab babies on the White House lawn if they were told it was part of the “war on terror” are disgracefully scrambling to defend a shocking video released by Wikileaks which shows U.S. Apache helicopters massacring Iraqi journalists and children in Baghdad while laughing about it.

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06 Apr 2010

Iraq slaughter not an aberration….By Glenn Greenwald.


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13 Dec 2007

Fidel Castro Is An "Admitted Transexual" (And Other Propaganda Posted By Gitmo Servicemembers)

Can I feign some offence at being a transgender veteran, and being associated by U.S. Military personal — personnel assigned to Joint Task Force-Guantanamo, the U.S. military command that runs the Camp Delta terrorist prison in Cuba — with Fidel Castro? Apparently, servicemembers at Guantanamo Bay haven’t got the word

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