Eslam Beker, 21

From Facebook memorial: Shot in the back by police in Jan. 28 Tahrir Square ‘Friday of Anger’ protest.

Khaled Said, 28

Associated Press: Killed after he posted a video on the Internet of officers sharing the spoils from a drug bust among themselves.”  Facebook Group: We are all Khaled Said

Saif-Allah Mustafa Musa, 16

Shot at Abbas Al Aqad Street on January 28 and died 2 days after; Not  part of demonstrations but forces thought he was.

Hussien Taha, 18

Law student.  Killed in Alexandria on January 28 (Friday of Anger). Facebook memorial page.

Ahmed Ahab Mohamed Fouad Abbas, 29

Shot 6 times on Friday 28 Jan in Tahrir Square. Went into a coma died 3 Feb at El Hossein University hospital.

Ahmed Bassiouni, 31

Artist and musician, teacher assistant in faculty of Art Education, Painting and Drawing department, Helwan University.  Father of 2.

Amr Gharib, 25 Mohamed Mahrous, 29 Ahmad Ehab

Killed on 25 of January Demonstrations

Abdou Abdel-Moneim Jaafar, 49

UKWired: Father of four from Ismailia  set himself afire in front of the Prime Minister’s Office at the Egyptian Parliament, 1/17