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Interactive relationship map of key players in Operation Ratf&$k can be found here.

Hunton & Williams

Richard Wyatt Jr., Partner:  According to Steckman of Palantir, the Department of Justice called Bank of America’s General Council (Edward O’Keefe) and told them to hire Wyatt to deal their Wikileaks problem.  This allowed communications with Operation Ratf%&k subcontractors to hide under attorney-client privilege. 

John Woods, attorney at Hunton & Williams:  Emailed Sam Kremin (Berico), Steckman and Bingham (Palantir) and Barr (HBGary) on December 2: “Richard [Wyatt] and I am meeting with senior executives at a large US Bank tomorrow regarding Wikileaks.  We want to sell this team as part of what we are talking about.  I need a favor.  I need five to six slides on Wikileaks – who they are, how they operate and how this group may help this bank.  Please advise if you can help get me something ASAP.”

On January 26, Aaron Barr emailed Woods that he was “doing research on the anonymous group for a security presentation I am giving next month and have collected information that identified the organization operations and communications infrastructure as well as key players by name.”  Woods replied “I have a client that may be interested.  Pursuant to a mandate from my client, we are working through Booz Allen on this type of activity [Wikileaks].  You should expect a call from Bill Wansley at Booz shortly.”

Lashway, Partner, Hunton & Williams – “Practice focuses on administrative, civil, and criminal litigation under various environmental laws.  Mr. Lashway also regularly advises clients in transactional matters.  He represents a variety of clients, including investment banks, publicly traded and private companies, trade associations, and individual managers.”

Steve Patterson — worked with Danielle Berti (Berico) on non-disclosure agreements between H&W with Plantir, Berico and HBGary.

Booz Allen Hamilton

William J. Wansley, Sr. VP: emailed Aaron Barr on Wednesday January 26, 2011 to set up a meeting  “to discuss how you may be able to support our project.”  John Woods from Hunton & Weston was copied on the email, as was Renee Way, David Lashway, Lloyd Howell and Chris O’Ferrell.  Following the meeting Barr responded: “As to the tie.  There are some significant ties between the two groups.  One major significant tie is Jacob Appelbaum.  He spoke on Julians behalf in the states and works very closely with Anon.  Theres more.”  Barr was at the time working on an Anonymous project, so “our project” (according to Wansley) was apparently Wikileaks. .

Renee Way — “Renee Way is administrative professional to Partner, Bill Wansley, Officer In Charge (OIC) for the United States Government Classified (USGC) account, which includes the NCS (National Clandestine Services) and ODNI (Office of Director Nat’l Intelligence). She provides additional support in his role as the lead partner for the USGC Home.”

Lloyd Howell – Executive Vice President – “Lloyd Howell is an Executive Vice President currently serving as Booz Allen Hamilton’s Financial Services’ Client Service Officer for civil market clients….Mr. Howell’s federal clients include the Federal Reserve and US Treasury.

Chris O’Ferrell – Cyber Security division


Matthew Steckman, Forward Deployed engineer.  Emailed Patrick Ryan (Berico) and Aaron Barr (HBGary) on October 19, 2010: “I have spoken to both of you about offering a complete intelligence solution to a law firm that approached us.  As I see it now, Berico would prime the contract supplying the project management, development resources, and process/methodology development.  HBGary would provide subject matter expertise on “digital intelligence collection” and “social media exploitation” as well as potential analysts.  Palantir would like to keep our role in this as transactional as possible, being available for consult when needed for complex data integration and modeling issues.  Our guess at this point is that this will be a hosted Palantir solution.”  Indicated that he and Eli Bingham would be “spearheading this from the Palantir side.”  The four began working on a presentation for John Woods who would be “our primary POC at Hunton & Williams,” per Ryan.

Steckman emailed his notes on a call with Woods on 12/2/10: “They are pitching the bank [BofA] to retain them for an internal investigation around wikileaks. They basically want to sue them to put an injunction on releasing any data. DOJ called the GC of BofA and told them to hire Hunton and Williams, specifically to hire Richard Wyatt who I’m beginning to think is the emperor.”

Eli Bingham

Shyam Shankar

Berico Technologies

Patrick Ryan – Deputy Deputy, Analysis. Specialities: Intelligence analysis, Counter-terrorism, lethal targeting, HUMINT, SIGINT, IMINT.  Met  Aaron Barr for the first time on October 25 at a meeting with Palantir to dsicuss the H&W project.  The next day, emailed Barr to say that Sam Kremins “will be my go-to guy for the H&W project.  He’s a brilliant analyst and has done a great deal of work recently on similar problem sets to this one.”

Sam Kremin,  Analyst for Berico and their “go to” guy on Operation Ratf%&k.

Katherine Crotty – Director of Intel & Cyber Operations at Berico Technologies

Amanda McDonald – Analyst Consultant, Berico:  Expert in developing targets and producing tailored time-sensitive intelligence reports to military and national consumers.

Danielle Berti, Director of Contracts, Berico:  Responsible for putting together Non-disclosure agreements and TA’s for the H&W deal between HBGary, Plantir and Berico.

HBGary, Inc.

Greg Hoglund, CEO, HBGary

Penny Leavy-Hoglund: President, HB Gary

Phil Wallich, Senior Security Analyst

Karen Burke, Director of Marketing and Communications, HBGary Inc

HBGary Federal

Aaron Barr, CEO, HB Gary Federal

Ted Vera, COO  & President, HB Gary Federal