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Fukushima blueprint? Roadmap? What comes next?
4/17/11 – lobster

Fukushima: INES-7 Announcement Today
4/11/11 – lobster

Useful Plots
3/10/11 – lobster

Japan Nuclear Watch, Thurs 4/7: UCS Briefing on NRC Fukushima Reactor Concerns
4/7/11 – Scarecrow

Markey: One Fukushima Reactor’s Core Has Melted Through Pressure Vessel
4/6/11 – David Dayen

Japan Nuclear Disaster Update: Radiation Leak to Sea Stopped, But Other Concerns Grow
4//6/11 – Scarecrow

Fukushima should be INES-7 multiple times over
4/5/11 – lobster

Japan Nuclear Ocean Watch: Radioactive Water, Dolphins and Plastic Bottles
4/4/11 – Scarecrow

Highly Radioactive Water Leaking from Fukushima Daiichi Reactor Into Pacific Ocean
4/3/11 – David Dayen

Japan Nuclear Watch, April 2: Leaks to the Sea and Comments on AREVA Presentation
4/2/11 – Scarecrow

Japan Nuclear Disaster Update: Increased Radiation Detected on Land and Sea
3/31/11 – Scarecrow

Japan Nuclear Watch, 3/29: Defense In Depth Now Has Sandbags!
3/28/11 – Scarecrow

Japan Nuclear Watch, Sunday 3/28: Pools, Puddles, Panic and Apologies
3/27/11 – Scarecrow

Fukushima Heralds the End of Capitalism
3/26/11 – lobster

New problems emerge in Japan’s nuclear power emergency
3/25/11 – Deep Harm

Just Say No to Nuclear Power
3/25/11 – dakine01

Japan Nuclear Watch, Friday: Where Did the Water Radiation Come From at Unit 3?
3/25/11 – Scarecrow

This cannot be good
3/25/11 – Attaturk

Japan Nuclear Watch Thurs: Don’t Drink the Water and the Man on the Ladder
3/24/11 – Scarecrow

Nuclear Power Shows Its Ugly Face
3/24/11 – Deep Harm

Nuclear Power Plant Primer: How They Work and Why the Radiation Matters
3/23/11 – Elliott

Japan and U.S. differ on protective actions
3/23/11 – Deep Harm

Japan: Tap Water in Tokyo Too Radioactive for Infants
3/23/11 – David Dayen

Voice of the Last Chernobyl Cleanup Survivor
3/22/11 – Toby Wollin

Japan’s Flawed Nuclear Power Regulation: It’s Our Story, Too
3/22/11 – Scarecrow

Fukushima Daiichi Plant Either Improved or Radiation Leaking Everywhere, Or Both
3/22/11 – David Dayen

Japan’s Fukushima Reactor Disaster Turns Americans Against Expanding Nuclear Power
3/21/11 – Jon Walker

Japanese Nuclear Plant Operator Missed Key Equipment Inspections, CEO Ducks Spotlight
3/21/11 – Jim White

Japan Nuclear Disaster Update: Power Restored to Some Reactor Units, Unit 3 Smoking, Radiation Spreads
3/21/11 – Scarecrow

Radioactive contamination of food: A primer for consumers
3/20/11 – Deep Harm

Japan Nuke Watch, Sat nite (JST): Power to Site, Radiation in Food
3/19/2011 – Scarecrow

The Party Line – March 18, 2011
3/18/11 – Gregg Levine

Japan Nuclear Disaster Update: Minimal Progress, Lots of Questions
3/18/11 – Scarecrow

Liveblog: President Obama Speaks to Press on Japan Crisis
3/17/11 – Bill Egnor

Japan Nuclear Disaster Update: Water Spraying Fails, Radiation High at Reactor Buildings
3/17/11 – Jim White

Lack of Leadership, Elite Failure Crippling Rescue Efforts in Japan
3/17/11 – David Dayen

Japan Nuke Watch, Thurs am JST: Water Drops and Fire Hoses
3/16/11 – Scarecrow

Japan Nuclear Reactor Disaster Update: Frantic Efforts to Cool Reactors and Fuel Pools
3/16/11 – Scarecrow

Nuclear Power’s Existence Dependent on Multiple Forms of Corporate Welfare
3/16/11 – Jon Walker

Japan Nuclear Watch: A Time Line -March 11th -March 16th
3/16/11 – Bill Egnor

Japanese Emperor Goes on Television to Address Subjects on Nuclear Crisis
3/16/11 – David Dayen

A Layman’s Guide to Radiation and Human Health
3/15/11 – Jim White

Nuclear Reactor Crisis Sows Personal, Financial Panic in Japan
3/15/11 – David Dayen

Nuke Engineer: Fuel Rod Fire at Fukushima Reactor “Would Be Like Chernobyl on Steroids”
3/14/11 – Kirk Murphy, MD

Japan Nuclear Watch: Press Conf. on Unit 2 Explosion and Unit 4 Fire
3/14/11 – Scarecrow

Nuclear Industry: Pay No Attention to the Potential Meltdown Behind the Curtain
3/14/11 – David Dayen

Japan Nuclear Watch: Third Explosion, Possible Cracked Containment at Unit 2
3/14/11 – Scarecrow

Japan Nuclear Watch, Midday Update: Three Reactors in Partial Meltdown
3/14/11 – Bill Egnor

Japan Nuclear Watch: Monday Morning Update
3/14/11 – Scarecrow