Firedoglake played a major role in fielding a primary challenger for Arkansas incumbent Senator Blanche Lincoln. Lincoln’s opposition to the public option and complete unwillingness to serve her constituents over her corporate backers, left many angry on-lookers contemplating runs against her.

When Blanche Lincoln insisted the public option be removed from the health care bill, despite its overwhelming popularity and importance within the reform effort itself, Jane Hamsher, along with Glenn Greenwald, founded the Accountability Now PAC. Accountability Now PAC and Firedoglake worked tirelessly to vet a primary challenger in Arkansas, and drafted Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter as her opponent.

Jane Hamsher Dares Blanche Lincoln

Firedoglake founder Jane Hamsher dares Blanche Lincoln to filibuster the public option on Rachel Maddow’s show in October, 2009.

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Funding Organizers in Arkansas

Firedoglake ran an ad in Arkansas to help raise money for and recruit organizers to field a primary challenger against Senator Lincoln.

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Blanche Lincoln vs. Sick Arkansans

As Blanche Lincoln stood on the Senate floor and pledged to vote against any health care bill with a public option, her constituents back in Arkansas stood in long lines, desperate for an opportunity to see a doctor at a free health clinic in Little Rock. This ad contrasts Lincoln’s action with the needs and desires of her constituents.

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Accountability Now PAC Recruits Bill Halter

Accountability Now, the Political Action Committee set up to challenge corporate-controlled incumbents and hold them accountable for their actions, today announces their first candidate in the 2010 election: Arkansas Lt. Governor Bill Halter, who will challenge Blanche Lincoln for her Senate seat.

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Financial Regulation

David Dayen’s outstanding reporting on Wall Street reform and derivatives was a key point in the campaign, exposing Blanche Lincoln’s attempt to white-wash herself as a populist reformer. As Democrats tried to rally around and protect Lincoln in advance of a tough election against Halter, Dayen’s writing on Lincoln’s proposal and the financial reform process brought many of these ugly realities to light.

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Health Care Reform

Firedoglake’s in-depth coverage, analysis and activism during health care reform was not only instrumental in galvanizing support for the public option despite serious opposition in the Senate, but also prompted Blanche Lincoln’s challenge by Bill Halter. After Lincoln insisted the public option be removed from the bill, Jane Hamsher dared Blanche to continue her crusade. When she did, she, along with Glenn Greenwald, began the process of drafting a challenger.

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