Portrait of HAMP Failure: Losing Homes on a Technicality (Part 6)

David Lenchner of Santa Rosa, California was entering a new chapter. He had a home with his wife that they fully paid off in 2004, in just 12 years. But like many entrepreneurs, he took a chance. He wanted to open a small business, an Aveda Beauty Salon, and he needed to dip into his home equity to cover the startup costs. » Continue Reading

Portrait of HAMP Failure Series (See All)

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Rocket Docket: FL Judges May Favor Banks in Error to Move Foreclosure Case Backlog

Florida is one of the states with the biggest foreclosure backlog. In an effort to get those cases out of the regular stream of court business where they are slowing down all other kinds of cases, the Florida Legislature created a $9 million fund to set up special foreclosure courts and to hire retired judges to hear only foreclosure cases. » Continue Reading

Legal Battles & Foreclosure Law (See All)

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MERS (See All)

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