The New Foreclosure Fraud Cops on the Beat: The ACLU 4/8/11 Cynthia Kouril, My.Firedoglake

The Tipping Point 4/4/11 Cynthia Kouril, My.Firedoglake

[Arizona] Well, At Least They’re Consistent
2/26/11 Eli, My.Firedoglake

MERS a Plaintiff No More
2/17/11 Cynthia Kouril, My.Firedoglake

Blockbuster Decision: MERS Does Not Comply with Law
2/13/2011 Cynthia Kouril, My.Firedoglake

Defaulted Credit Card Scams and Judicial Wimpiness
11/5/2010 Masaccio, My.Firedoglake

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Christmas Miracle in New Jersey: Order to Show Cause Issued to Mortgage Banksters
12/21/2010 Cynthia Kouril, My.Firedoglake

Fraudulent Financier Moralizing on Foreclosures 10/28/2010 Masaccio, My.Firedoglake

Judge Rodolino and the Road to Damascus 10/25/2010 Cynthia Kouril, My.Firedoglake

The Dog Ate My Note and/or Mortgage 10/20/2010 Masaccio, The Seminal

Florida Foreclosure Employees Had Better Protect Themselves 10/14/2010 Masaccio, The Seminal

Foreclosure Fraud: It’s a Kind of Ponzi Scheme 10/13/2010 Cynthia Kouril, The Seminal

Foreclosure Fraud: A Scheme and Artifice to Defraud 10/13/2010 Cynthia Kouril, The Seminal

Foreclosure Fraud: It’s the Tranches, Stupid 10/12/2010 Cynthia Kouril, The Seminal

White House to America: We Won’t Stop Foreclosure Fraud 10/10/2010 Masaccio, The Seminal

Those Lazy, Stupid, Greedy Idiots May Have Blown Up the World Economy 10/8/2010 Cynthia Kouril, The Seminal

House Oversight Chair Calls for National Moratorium on Residential Foreclosures 10/8/2010 Cynthia Kouril, The Seminal

Foreclosure Fraud: Every Affidavit a Fraud? 10/7/2010 Cynthia Kouril, The Seminal

Stopping Foreclosure in Bankruptcy 10/4/2010 Masaccio, The Seminal

Legal Issues on Enforcement of Promissory Notes 10/20/2010 Masaccio, The Seminal

Foreclosure Fraud: Robo Judges 10/16/2010 Cynthia Kouril, The Seminal

The Chances that Jamie Dimon Is Telling the Truth about Foreclosures Being Just Are Pretty Slim 10/15/2010 Cynthia Kouril, The Seminal

Foreclosure Fraud Banks Reviewing Documents – Why 10/15/2010 Cynthia Kouril, The Seminal


Forget TBTF, How About TBTBR? 4 October 2010

Foreclosure Fraud: The Class Actions Begin 3 October 2010

Foreclosure Fraud: The Holy Grail 3 October 2010

The Beacon Fires Are Flaring for Foreclosure Reform 3 October 2010

Foreclosure Fraud Hits the New York Times Front Page 1 October 2010

Why Rose Cipollone Holds the Key to Unraveling the Foreclosure Mess 30 September 2010

Foreclosure Fraud as Cover Up for Mortgage Fraud 29 September 2010

Why Every State AG and US Attorney Should Investigate Foreclosure Fraud 28 September 2010

Mortgage and Foreclosure Wrongdoing: AGs’ Road Map Part 2 – How Mortgage Servicing Companies Are Ripping Off Pension Funds 27 September 2010

Mortgage and Foreclosure Wrongdoing: Road Map for Investigating AGs – Part 1 26 September 2010

Another State AG Is Investigating Foreclosure Fraud 25 September 2010

More States’ AGs Investigating Foreclosure Fraud 25 September 2010

GMAC Says Bloomberg News Lying about Moratorium 20 September 2010

Cause and Effect? GMAC to Suspend Evictions 20 September 2010

Foreclosing Banks May Be Stuck with Unmarketable Houses 19 September 2010

No One Forces the Banks to do HAMP by the Rules 11 September 2010

Return of the Housing Bubble? Fannie Mae Does It Again and Again 7 September 2010

Rocket Docket: FL Judges May Favor Banks in Error to Move Foreclosure Case Backlog 6 September 2010

FHA to Offer Mortgage Modification with Mandatory Principal Write Down 5 September 2010

Yet Another Judge Clues In to Foreclosure Fraud 19 August 2010

Booyah! Florida AG Launches Foreclosure Fraud Investigation 14 August 2010

Underwater Mortgages to Get Principal Write Down? 5 August 2010

Fannie and Freddie or Bonnie and Clyde? 4 August 2010

Mortgage Crisis: The Stomach Churning Failure that Is HAMP 22 July 2010

Pension Funds Flexing Some Muscle on Foreclosures 14 July 2010

The House Oversight Committee and the TARP Oversight Committee Appear to Smell the Same Foreclosure Fraud Rat 8 July 2010

Assistant Treasury Secretary Cannot Figure Out How to Modify Mortgages 5 July 2010

Hey Geithner! This Ain’t Your Mom and Dad’s Banking System Anymore 21 June 2010

FBI Made “A Few” Arrests 18 June 2010

Lilliputians Rise Up Against Banking Overlords 18 June 2010

FBI to Begin Arresting People for Foreclosure Fraud? 12 June 2010

Countrywide Gets Slap on Wrist for Ripping Off Homeowners 10 June 2010

Oh, NOW Banks Believe in Mortgage Modification? 3 June 2010

Mortgage Delinquencies Hit Record High; BofA Plans Massive Foreclosures 20 May 2010



Foreclosure Law News: Terminate with Extreme Prejudice 15 May 2010

“Market Maker” – I Don’t Think That Word Means What You Think It Means 2 May 2010

SCOTUS Ruling: Hold Debt Collectors to Strict Letter of the Law! 30 April 2010

Foreclosure Fraud: The Smoking Gun Revealed in Bad Document Trail 22 April 2010

Created Assignments and “Cloned” Officers Yield Fraudulent Foreclosures Across the Country 19 April 2010

The Clone Army and Foreclosure Fraud: You, Too, Can Be a Corporate Officer or Three 19 April 2010

The Story of the Law Firm that Built Its Own Evidence for Foreclosures 19 April 2010

It’s Time to Coin the Phrase ‘Foreclosure Fraud’ Mortgage Series Part 9 – 7 April 2010

They are Trying to Steal Your House After They Already Stole Your Money Mortgage Series Part 8 – 6 April 2010

New Allegations Emerge of Widespread Fraud, Forgery in Foreclosure Documents Mortgage Series Part 7 – 5 April 2010

You Cannot Ask Confirmed Carnivores to Preach the Vegan Gospel Mortgage Series Part 6 – 4 April 2010

The NPV Test – Math or Scam? Mortgage Series Part 5 – 29 March 2010


HARP and HAMP by Cynthia Kouril

The HAMP Waterfall Mortgage Series Part 4 – 25 March 2010

Introduction to HAMP Mortgage Series Part 3 – 20 March 2010

Is HARP for You? Mortgage Series Part 2 – 1 March 2010

Mortgage Modifications and You Mortgage Series Part 1 – 28 February 2010



House in Foreclosure? Make Banks Put Up or Shut Up MERS Series Part 5 – 27 December 2009

Predatory Lending Has an Ugly Tail End MERS Series Part 4 – 29 November 2009

NY Bankruptcy Court Wipes Out MERS-Registered Mortgage; New Trend in Foreclosures? MERS Series Part 3 – 27 October 2009

Dark Pools and Stealth Exchanges Mean Unregulated Stock Markets MERS Series Part 2 – 16 October 2009

Does MERS Registration and Mortgage Fractionalization Extinguish Mortgage Rights? MERS Series Part 1 – 30 September 2009



Ohio Attorney General Sues GMAC, Seeks $25,000 per False Affadavit 6 October 2010

More States Want Foreclosure Moratorium as the Lenders Fight Back 6 October 2010

As California Goes: Potential for Statewide Moratorium on Foreclosures Could Effectively End Them 6 October 2010

Fun with Math: A Look at Treasury’s TARP Report 6 October 2010

Pelosi, California House Dems Call for Criminal Investigations of Mortgage Lenders 5 October 2010

Foreclosure Fraud Caused by Lenders, Not Judges 5 October 2010

Fighting for Homeowners: A Visit to a NACA Loan Modification Marathon 4 October 2010

Wells Fargo Exec Admits Faulty Document Review as Borrowers Get Wise to Foreclosure Fraud 4 October 2010

Continuing Foreclosure Fraud Unraveling, Creating Blighted Titles 3 October 2010

Maine Homeowners Sue GMAC over Foreclosure Fraud 2 October 2010

Connecticut Suspends All Foreclosures; BofA Close to Doing the Same 1 October 2010

Alan Grayson Explains the Foreclosure Fraud Crisis 1 October 2010

Foreclosure Fraud Issue Sizzles: Regulator Calls for Internal Review, Ohio SoS Refers Cases to Federal Prosecutor 1 October 2010

56,000 Foreclosures in Limbo as JPMorgan Chase Reviews Documents 30 September 2010

JP Morgan Systematically Reviewing Foreclosures 29 September 2010

FL Supreme Court Denies Grayson Request to Stop Foreclosures from Fraud Perpetrators 28 September 2010

Grayson, Frank, Brown Send Letter to Fannie Mae on Foreclosure Fraud 24 September 2010

HAMP Data for August Released Fewer People Subscribing 23 September 2010

Foreclosure Fraud Just the Back End of the FInancial Crisis 23 September 2010

GMAC Suspends All Foreclosures Nationwide 20 September 2010

The Mortgage Mess: Are Solutions Out There? 4 September 2010

Portrait of HAMP Failure, Part Six: Losing Homes on a Technicality 31 August 2010

Portrait of HAMP Failure, Part Five: Like a Lottery Ticket with Servicers 27 August 2010

Portrait of HAMP Failure, Part Four: Strangled by the Bureaucracy 26 August 2010

Portrait of HAMP Failure, Part Three: Banks Rule, Borrowers Pay the Price 25 August 2010

Portrait of HAMP Failure, Part Two: Destroying Credit Ratings 24 August 2010

Portrait of HAMP Failure, Part One: It Makes Your Financial Situation Worse 23 August 2010

More Horrible HAMP Data 20 August 2010

Treasury Admits HAMP Expectations Not Met; Thinks Extend and Pretend Is a Virtue – by David Dayen, FDL News, 20 August 2010

Lenders Flagrantly Violate HAMP – With No Repercussions 16 August 2010

New Treasury/HUD Program Targets Help for Unemployed Homeowners 11 August 2010

Examining the Foreclosure Crisis and the Pathetic HAMP Program – by David Dayen, FDL News, 5 August 2010

Chris Hayes Highlights the Failed HAMP Program on the Rachel Maddow Show 31 July 2010

Treasury Response to HAMP: Bury Data, Run PR Campaign 28 July 2010

On Walking Away – by David Dayen, FDL News, 27 July 2010

HAMP Is Hurting Liberalism – by David Dayen, FDL News, 26 July 2010

1200 Charged in Major FBI Crackdown on Mortgage Fraud – by David Dayen, FDL News, 18 June 2010

Stuck in Foreclosure, Many Stop Paying the Mortgage – by David Dayen, FDL News, 1 June 2010



My Letter to Secretary Geithner: Fannie Mae Must Stop Bankrolling Lawsuits against Underwater Homeowners with Our Money – by Rep. John Conyers, 1 September 2010

‘We the Parasites’ Benefiting from HAMP – by Marcy Wheeler, emptywheel, 22 August 2010

Personal Financial Morality – by Masaccio, Firedoglake, 6 June 2010

Baby Steps on Foreclosures – by Masaccio 20 February 2010



SCOTUS: Jerman v. Carlisle 21 April 2010 – very long PDF

Making Home Affordable Program – PDF

Deutsche Bank v. Harris – PDF

Too Many Jobs – Linda Green – PDF

Compare These Signatures and Titles on Mortgage Docs – PDF

Mortgage Assignments as Evidence of Fraud by Lynn Szymoniak 9 February 2010 – PDF

Fraud Digest Online

Eye on the Bailout: The State of the Government’s Loan Modification Program by ProPublica

Bank Foreclosures Despite Paidup Loan Modification Agreement – by Phillips and Garcia PC

Mortgage Servicing by National Consumer Law Center



Company Stops Insuring Titles in Chase Foreclosures New York Times, David Streitfeld, 2 October 2010

GMAC’s Errors Leave Foreclosures in Question New York Times, David Streitfeld, 24 September 2010

Florida’s High-Speed Answer to a Foreclosure Mess New York Times, Gretchen Morgenson and Geraldine Fabrikant, 4 September 2010

US Probes Foreclosure-Data Provider Wall Street Journal Online – 3 April 2010

Judge Blasts Bad Bank, Erases 525G Bad Debt New York Post – 25 November 2009

A ‘Little Judge’ Who Rejects Foreclosures, Brooklyn Style New York Times – 30 August 2009

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Citi Drops Opposition to Cramdown Mortgage News Daily – 9 January 2009