It’s one thing to have a great idea, another to translate that onto the screen, whether large, small, or laptop. How the heck, especially with today’s credit crunch, do you find funding? And once your vision is completed, what then? New media offer many opportunities for filmmakers, and we’ll be looking at the best way to merge the traditional with the super-modern, from digital filmmaking and fundraising to publicity and distribution.

Tonight we’re chatting with several filmmakers who are utilizing some new models of funding and delivery. Musician/actor/director Steve Moramarco just got his project completely funded via and started filming yesterday. Modi Frank, who directed videos for Smashing Pumpkins, Henry Rollins, Dave Alvin and others, shot a number of award winning shorts; she’s looking at new models to distribute a soon-to-be-released project.

Past guest Tanem Davidson is director of New Brow: Contemporary Underground Art which has been well received at numerous festivals, and past guest Tina Cesa Ward and Susan Miller created the award-winning Anyone But Me, an online series now in its second season.

These producer/directors will be giving us a look at how they made their visions happen, while also inspiring us to participate in filmmaking in as many ways as possible.