Please welcome filmmakers Exene Cervenka and Modi Frank in the comments — ed

Bad Day is in many ways a revolutionary film and yet it is also one which stands the test of time. This 20 minute short, directed by Modi Frank, photographed by Exene Cervenka and written by these same two punk legends, crystallizes a point in American music history when roots rock and folk were emerging out of punk and combining with poetry. A silent film starring musicians and poets including John Doe, Dave Alvin, Julie Christensen, and Doug Knott, Bad Day features Kevin Costner as the town drunk and Dances With Wolves author/screenwriter Michael Blake, who dedicated the novel to Exene.

Along with its phenomenal pedigree, Bad Day is revolutionary in its delivery: It is the first digitally downloaded film which has no set price. Fans can pay what they choose to watch this long-lost gem. A portion of the proceeds goes to support a Gulf charity, so please be generous. Modi and Exene will discuss details about the new pricing plan as well as what it was like to work with Costner and how Bad Day came into being. This is a rare opportunity to chat with these two ladies of punk about their film, music, and politics.

Website – Bad Day

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