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23 Oct 2017

Week 7: Guide To NFL Players Who Protested During National Anthem

President Donald Trump threw another Twitter tantrum after several National Football League players protested during the national anthem on Sunday. He accused the NFL of showing “no leadership” when it comes to suppressing the free speech actions of players. But it is not as if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell supports

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22 Oct 2017

Interview With Max Suchan Of Chicago Community Bond Fund On Failure Of Judges To Implement Bond Reforms

In September, Cook County adopted reforms to the system of money bond for pretrial detention. However, according to the Chicago Community Bond Fund, which has had a team of volunteer court watchers monitoring the implementation, results thus far have been fairly disappointing. On this week’s “Unauthorized Disclosure” podcast, Max Suchan,

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18 Oct 2017

Interview: Free Jazz Quintet Irreversible Entanglements On Making Revolutionary Music

The free jazz quintet Irreversible Entanglements released its first eponymous album last month. Recorded over one six-hour studio session in August 2015, the 43-minute album is made of largely improvised instrumentation and Camae Ayewa’s radical poetry on Black trauma, survival, and power. It is the product of five musicians meeting for the

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Photo by steezandcrackers on Flickr.
17 Oct 2017

Logging Company’s Attack On Environmental Activist Groups Dismissed By Federal Court

A lawsuit by logging company Resolute Forest Products to suppress environmental activism by Greenpeace and was dismissed by a federal court.

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Apple Touch ID sensor. Photo by janitors on Flickr.
16 Oct 2017

Government May ‘Seize’ Citizens’ Fingerprints To Unlock Apple Devices, Federal Court Rules

Federal court rules the government isn’t violating 5th Amendment when requiring citizens to apply their fingerprints to sensor to provide access to Apple device.

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16 Oct 2017

Week 6: Guide To NFL Players Who Protested During National Anthem

Colin Kaepernick, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who started the movement of taking a knee during the anthem, filed a “grievance” against the National Football League. He alleged owners colluded to prevent him from playing another NFL game because he engaged in protest. “If the NFL (as well as

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11 Oct 2017

Supreme Court Rules Against Private Prison Corporations’ Push For Secrecy

The Supreme Court ruled against GEO Group and CCA, which sought to block the release of records related to their government contracts.

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10 Oct 2017

Protest Song Of The Week: ‘Black Is’ by The Last Poets

The NFL commissioner and owners of NFL teams are moving at this hour to restrict and clamp down on football players, who are predominantly black, so they do not protest during the national anthem. This is happening as former coaches like Mike Ditka babble on about not knowing of any

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