20 Jul 2011

Bill Bennett Takes a Stab at Comparing Phone Hacking Scandal & WikiLeaks

Former Secretary of Education and CNN contributor William Bennett joins the ranks of those seeking to deflect attention away from the News Corp phone hacking scandal by comparing the scandal to WikiLeaks. He also joins a cadre of people, who are using the scandal to whip up hysteria about the

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20 Jul 2011

In Support of the Pelican Bay Hunger Strikers

Those organizing in support of the Pelican Bay hunger strikers, who are engaging in resistance to call attention to solitary confinement and other prison conditions, have been collecting statements of solidarity from academics, artists, celebrities, political leaders and well-known activists. The activist group World Can’t Wait has posted what they’ve

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20 Jul 2011

The Government Clampdown on Anonymous for ‘Operation Avenge Assange’

(photo: exiledsurfer ) Widely reported yesterday was the arrest of sixteen individuals alleged to be members of the hacktivist group Anonymous, known engaging in cyber operations for political and social reasons. The FBI raided homes seizing computers and computer-related accessories. The Justice Department claimed fourteen of the individuals had been

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