The Manning trial was one of the most secretive trials in U.S. history; no in-court video, photography or audio was allowed and the court declined to provide the public with official transcripts. Firedoglake’s Chelsea Manning Media Center is a growing collection of selected videos, reports, audio clips and more from the pre-trial period to the present.

PLAYLIST: Notable voices on the Manning trial:

Chris Hedges, Col. Morris Davis, Jesselyn Radack, Daniel Ellsberg, Alexa O’Brien, Michael Ratner, Assange, Hartmann, Uygur, etc. [15 videos]

PLAYLIST: Support for Chelsea Manning

Manning lawyer David Coombs, transgender activist and trial witness Lauren McNamara, Graham Nash, international solidarity and more. [13 videos]

JOURNALISTS at the Manning Trial

Firedoglake’s Kevin Gosztola cranked out 80 Manning articles during the 37 day trial. Visit our Manning Trial DOCUMENT CENTER and click on any of the Trial Transcripts; each “Related Article” link takes you to his reports and Live Updates from that day. Some highlights:

PLAYLIST: FDL Reporter Kevin Gosztola:

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Sketch artist and WikiLeaks Truck activist Clark Stoeckley captured the courtroom action in his unique style and lent his colorful images to our coverage of the trial from day one.

He will be releasing a graphic novel account of the trial. You can follow Clark on Twitter: @WikileaksTruck.

Court attendees had to turn their “Truth” t-shirts inside out.

Defense - Bradley Manning, Major Thomas Hurley, Captain Joshua Tooman, David Coombs

Manning defense team