Latest Chelsea Manning Coverage

Chelsea Manning supporters deliver over 115,000 signatures to the Secretary of the Army, demanding they drop administrative charges against her. Photo by Demand Progress.
10 Aug 2016

Chelsea Manning Supporters Demand Army End Punishment For Surviving Suicide Attempt

Supporters of US military whistleblower Chelsea Manning and one of her attorneys demanded the Army drop administrative charges brought against her.

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31 May 2016

Chelsea Manning Received Same Sentence As Soldier Who Tried To Sell Information

Manning is challenging the Army for sentencing her to serve around the same time as a soldier who believed he was selling classified information to a spy.

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Whistleblower Chelsea Manning is being threatened with indefinite solitary confinement (via Chelsea Manning Support Network)
23 May 2016

Chelsea Manning’s Appeal Argues ‘Disloyalty’ Allegations Led To ‘Unjust Sentence’

The appeal extensively argues Manning had received one of the “most unjust” sentences in the “history of the military justice system.”

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