02 Oct 2009

Exclusive: New Poll Shows Clear Majorities Distrust Big Corporations, Favor Unions

A new poll, the results of which have been made available to Firedoglake, shows a clear majority of the country—51%—thinks big corporations have too much power, amounting to a problem for our economy. On the flip side, just 22% think the same of “big labor unions.”

01 Oct 2009

American Airlines Jilts its Pilots for a Japanese Mistress

American Airlines has its priorities way out of whack. The struggling airline has refused to negotiate a fair contract for its pilots for more than three years, leaving its pilots – the public face and lifeblood of the airline – with frozen wages and little hope for the future.

14 Dec 2008

Video: UAW Member Speaks the Truth in Sen. Shelby’s Office

Watch this video of a UAW worker and employee of American Axle speak the truth straight to the GOP banking staff.

11 Nov 2008

Why Employees Need Free Choice to Join Unions: Let’s Cut to the Chase

(I’ve added some of my previous writings on labor at FDL to the Work in Progress blog, for prosperity’s sake.) Saturday’s New York Times had a lengthy piece by Steven Greenhouse about the growing chorus for the Employee Free Choice Act, a bill that would restore free choice for people who want to join a union.

Towards the end of the article is a simple sentence that bears further examination, because it gets to the heart of why we need Employee Free Choice: the coercive campaign to which companies subject their employees in their efforts to stop workers from organizing.