05 Oct 2010

Rep. Gutierrez: McEntee is “Disgrace to Labor Movement” for Endorsing Rahm for Mayor

Big story from Mike Elk: Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Democratic Congressman from Illinois and potential mayoral candidate for the city of Chicago, slammed AFSCME President Gerald McEntee’s endorsement of Rahm Emanuel for Mayor of Chicago. Gutierriez said McEntee is a “disgrace to the labor movement” for endorsing Rahm’s candidacy.

04 Oct 2010

Trumka Frustrated by “Pro-Business” Bent of Obama Administration

Laura Flanders of GRITtv spoke with AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka last week about jobs, Trumka’s union experience, and the future of the labor movement. Trumka is clearly aggravated about a lack of progress on jobs, saying that President Obama “is probably more pro-business than anybody in the past.” He also says “the worst thing this president could do” is replace Larry Summers with a CEO.

30 Sep 2010

AFSCME Pres McEntee: Rahm is a “Progressive Force,” Liberals Should “Suck it Up”

This is, as Gerry McEntee might say, “Bullshit!” Via Ben Smith, McEntee praises Rahm on the Chief of Staff’s way out of DC and endorses him for mayor of Chicago.

17 Sep 2010

NUHW Attacks SEIU for Not Supporting Republicans; Proxies Attack SEIU on Prop 19

Firedoglake has exclusively obtained mailers from NUHW that encourage Kaiser workers to vote NUHW because the kinda-union supports Republicans more than SEIU does. Seriously.

15 Sep 2010

Medical Marijuana Growers Join with Teamsters

About 40 medical marijuana industry employees joined with the Teamsters Local 70 in California earlier this month, ratifying a contract after their employer recognized their union without interference. These employees are different from those of medical marijuana dispensaries who joined with UFCW Local 5. The newest Teamster members are those who tend to plants at a medical marijuana management company.

14 Sep 2010

SEIU Endorses California’s Prop 19

SEIU’s California State Council – arguably the leaders of the state’s most powerful union – announced the union’s support of California’s Proposition 19 for marijuana legalization. Not only does SEIU’s endorsement bring much needed political mainstream legitimacy, but as the Times notes, it also brings SEIU’s campaign infrastructure to Prop 19’s campaign.

26 Aug 2010

Trumka Calls out Palin in Alaska, She Responds “You Lie” on Facebook

Speaking to union members in Anchorage, Alaska today, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said Sarah Palin would “go down in history like [Joe] McCarthy,” and predicted that “Palinism will become an ugly word.”

Palin(‘s ghostwriter) took the time to pen a longer response on Facebook posted tonight, in which Palin asks union members to consider “a different home for you: the commonsense conservative movement … you won’t regret it.”

19 Aug 2010

US Chamber of Commerce Apologizes, But Don’t Be Fooled

After getting roundly whacked by basically the entire internet, the US Chamber has officially apologized for its blog post yesterday that suggested women seeking equal pay have a “fetish for money” and suggested women should “choose the right partner at home.” But don’t let it fool you: the US Chamber has for decades advocated in private the very sentiments posted to its public blog yesterday. We just got a look behind the curtain.

19 Aug 2010

Longshore Workers Endorse Prop 19 while Prison Guards’ Union Stays Neutral

The Northern California council of the ILWU, otherwise known as the Longshoremen, announced its support for Prop 19, California’s marijuana legalization initiative. The 25,000-member council cited the extraordinary “waste” of money and lives in the war on marijuana, including marijuana prohibition’s disproportionate impact “on the backs of workers, poor people, and people of color.”

18 Aug 2010

US Chamber: Equal Pay “a Fetish for Money,” Women Should “Choose the Right Partner at Home”

The US Chamber of Commerce has apparently spent too much time watching Mad Men: in a blog post this morning, Chamber blogger Brad Peck called women’s fight for pay equity to be nothing more than a “fetish for money,” and said women complaining about their pay should focus instead on “choosing the right partner at home.” The Chamber’s Peck also approvingly quoted a post that asked, “Should government force gym-man to share his beautiful babes with couch-potato man?”