President Barack Obama addresses the audience at Penn State. (Penn State on Flickr)
09 Feb 2016

Did Obama Approve GOP Efforts To Water-Down Criminal Justice Reform?

Republicans are likely to further weaken bipartisan criminal justice reform, and it appears President Obama may have given them the green light.

28 Jan 2016

Legal, Grassroots Groups Support Lawsuit Against Alleged Military Spying On Activists

The suit alleges that the military violated the Posse Comitatus Act, & activists constitutional rights when it infiltrated a Washington state antiwar group.

19 Jan 2016

U.K. Court of Appeal Rules Against Terrorism Law Used to Seize ‘Journalistic Material’

The Court of Appeal in the United Kingdom dismissed David Miranda’s appeal against Metropolitan Police for detaining him at Heathrow Airport for nine hours under the country’s terrorism law. But the court ruled the terrorism law violates the European Convention on Human Rights because it does not have “sufficient legal

"Vienna Battle 1683." Vienna besieged by Ottoman Empire for two months. (by Frans Geffels Licensed under Public Domain via Commons)
11 Jan 2016

Misinformation Causes Confusion About Madaya And Other Besieged Syrian Civilians

Next Cold War Roundup 1/11/16 Misinformation from Media and Activists Caused Confusion About the Status of Starving Population Under Siege in Syria _ There is no doubt that siege is used as a weapon by all belligerents in the Syrian war — the Syrian government, the opposition fighters, Al Qaeda and

09 Jan 2016

Review: ‘Hateful Eight’ Evokes Nostalgia for When Going to Movies Was an Event

For Quentin Tarantino’s eighth film, the director pushed for “The Hateful Eight” to be distributed and screened in 70mm. The Weinstein Company provided immense support and helped Tarantino craft a roadshow experience to make seeing this epic an event. Venues were outfitted so that the 70mm format could be projected

25 Dec 2015

UK Blames Saudi Arabia After Hackers Trace ISIS Accounts To UK Gov’t

Teen hackers traced terrorist accounts on Twitter to a group of IP addresses originally owned by the UK government but later sold to Saudi ISPs.

14 Dec 2015

Protest Song of the Week: ‘Irganda’ by Songhoy Blues

Over the weekend, an international climate agreement was announced in Paris. It has been widely hailed as a historic step toward addressing climate change. Yet, pledges to cut emissions are not legally binding, and the reality is the agreement may do very little to avert climate catastrophe because countries responsible

20 Nov 2015

Film Review: ‘Heart of a Dog’ Is A Wondrous Meditation On Life & Death

Laurie Anderson’s documentary, “Heart of a Dog,” is an intensely personal meditation on life and death, and a reflection on American culture after 9/11.

16 Nov 2015

Protest Song of the Week: ‘Le ciel est noir’ by Nana Mouskouri & Garou

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, a song that seems fitting for a moment when terror may be compounded by overreaction by the French government.

06 Nov 2015

Guantanamo Prisoner Cleared for Release, But U.S. Opposes Rejoining Family in Yemen

Mansoor Abdul Rahman al Dayfi is cleared for release from Guantanamo Bay, but the U.S. won’t let him return home to care for his ailing family members.