02 Aug 2015

Introducing Shadowproof

Over the past decade at Firedoglake, we have had the privilege of being on the front lines of many critical reporting and advocacy projects. FDL’s work brought attention to and supported marijuana legalization, the Occupy movement, Keystone XL pipeline protests, Hurricane Sandy relief, Chelsea Manning, WikiLeaks, and John Kiriakou—just to

01 Aug 2015

Arizona Apache Mobilize Against Bill Which Hands Sacred Native American Land To Mining Company

The San Carlos Apache Tribe held a celebratory dinner on July 27 to welcome back members of the Apache Stronghold caravan after a two-week journey from the tribe’s reservation in Bylas, Arizona, to Washington, D.C. The dinner menu featured a traditional Apache acorn soup and juice squeezed from skunkbush sumac berries — both of which are threatened by a proposed $6 billion mining operation.

31 Jul 2015

Potential Oil Spill Concerns Arise As Shell Begins Arctic Drilling

There is increasing concern that Shell’s presence in the Arctic will lead to an oil spill, as the company begins to drill in the Chukcki Sea off the shore of Alaska. Shell is no stranger to the Chukchi Sea. In 1988, the firm spent $300 million to drill for oil

31 Jul 2015

World Bank Peddling Private, For-Profit Schools In Africa, Disguised As Aid

Originally published at MintPress News. EDINBURGH — Private, for-profit schools in Africa funded by the World Bank and U.S. venture capitalists have been criticized by more than 100 organizations who’ve signed a petition opposing the controversial educational venture. A May statement addressed to Jim Kim, president of the World Bank,

30 Jul 2015

After Firedoglake

Jane Hamsher announces the closure of Firedoglake, and the formation of Shadowproof by former staff members Kevin Gosztola and Brian Sonenstein.

29 Jan 2015

Justice Department Confirms WikiLeaks Investigation Continues as Google Claims It Fought Gag Orders

The spokesperson for Eastern District of Virginia has confirmed that the United States Justice Department’s investigation into WikiLeaks continues.

Alaska Senator Mark Begich speaks to reporters at the Fairbanks Labor Day Picnic. Photo via AFL-CIO on Flickr.
28 Apr 2014

Begich Running to Obama’s Left in a Red State Because of Social Security

Even in the red state of Alaska, Senator Mark Begich (D) feels the need to run to President Barack Obama’s left to win over seniors.

Noam Neusner, Registered Lobbyist for Serbia and Turkey
22 Apr 2014

Jamie Kirchick’s Strange Stories On Serbia

If conversations between foreign lobbyists and US journalists are so benign and inconsequential then why are people like Neusner and Goldfarb getting paid?

Social Security. Photo via fabricatorofuselessarticles on Flickr.
25 Feb 2014

NRCC Attacks Democrat Over Social Security Cuts

To really understand how completely President Obama threw Democrats under the bus by putting chained-CPI in his budget last year, look no further than Florida. There the NRCC is attacking Alex Sink (D) in the special congressional election for saying positive things about Obama’s past grand bargain efforts. From the

26 Aug 2011

WikiLeaks Cables: How Various Countries Manage Their Terror Watch Lists

(photo:Truthout.org) *From the archives A batch of United States diplomatic cables recently published by the media organization, WikiLeaks, contain a few assessments of how other countries’ governments manage their terrorism watch lists. The assessments reveal much about how countries have tried to implement security regimes for travel in the aftermath of