15 Jul 2013

Mayor Of Sexytown Is Too Sexy For His Town

Oh, San Diego… With your sun-kissed beaches, warm balmy nights and acres of tender and tanned young flesh just aching to be tapped, it is no wonder that, upon returning home, former Congressman turned Mayor Bob Filner has gone native and wants to sex up every lady he encounters: Calling

13 Jul 2013

NRO Guy Not A Fan Of Murdered Black Kids, Kardashians Or Expressions Of Sympathy Extended To Grieving Families

NRO website editor, professional supraorbital ridge model, and guy who substitutes *’s for u’s instead of dotting his i’s with little hearts, Dan Foster, is very very angry that people are not celebrating George Zimmerman’s good clean state-sanctioned kill of a black teenager who obviously had it coming for being

13 Jul 2013


  Oh holy shit, this is just awful. I’m heartbroken for John. When someone loses a pet like this, it just makes us all remember losing one of our own and that horrible hollow feeling that comes with it.  

12 Jul 2013

The Return Of The Daughter Of The Bride Of McMegan McMath

We haven’t done this in shitload of fortnights, but…. I was exploring the outer fringes of the Internet where one risks staring over the edge and into the abyss (AKA Ann Althouse’s blog), I discovered that our Miss McMegan has taken up  residence with a temporary blog until she fails

12 Jul 2013

There’s A Riot Going On After Naptime

Dead Breitbart “I Cover The Negrofront” reporter Lee Stranahan is down in Florida waiting for The Great Trayvon Martin No Justice/No Peace Conflagration & Racewar to begin and Lee is booking hazardous duty pay by documenting the pre-atrocities for future historians in the God Fearin’ Gun Totin’ White Folks’s Republic

11 Jul 2013

Thursday Night Basset Blogging

Yesterday I was walking down the street to my office when I ran into two lovely ladies and their equally lovely young basset, the very sweet Julia. After asking and being granted permission to pet her (Julia, the dog, not the lady ….I’m not the mayor of San Diego, fer

11 Jul 2013

Tired Old Media Whore Will Feign Interest In Your Election Boner For $$$

Cancelled reality show contestant Sarah Palin, who once did something of note but we can’t seem to remember what it was- was it a sex tape with Ray J?  Yeah, that was probably it: a sex tape – is out of rehab and babbling about how she might kinda sorta

09 Jul 2013

Must Credit Jesus. Then Go Take A Leak Against A Wall.

Well, it’s Tuesday which means that, like the other six days of the week, conservatives must find something to be offended about because their anger at a world that goes out of the way to slight them on a daily basis is the animating force in their lives that allows

07 Jul 2013

Knee. Jerk Response.

I truly like Glenn Greenwald but he is so deeply invested in the Snowden story that it’s hard to tell where journalist  ends and Sue Mengers begins. This exchange: This is Daniel Serwer: Daniel Serwer (Ph.D., Princeton) is a Professor of Conflict Management, as well as a Senior Fellow at

04 Jul 2013

Thursday Night Basset Blogging

At a 4th of July party and this is the only picture on my phone. Take it or leave it because times are tough all over.