22 Oct 2010

Would-Be Know-It-All Yale’s Disinformation Fools HuffPost into Regurgitating Greenwash

Would-Be Know-It-All Yale’s Disinformation Fools HuffPost into Regurgitating Greenwash — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

21 Oct 2010

More Questions About Rapacious, Reckless, Righty-Radical Rubio

A discussion of the Florida Senate Campaign between Meek, Crist and Rubio. The main point made is that Rubio has been getting a free ride for much of the time while Meek and Crist slug it out. Rubio has taken a number of shots at Obama without either Crist or Meek reminding voters that much of Florida’s and the nation problems are the result of decisions made by the Bush brothers.

21 Oct 2010

Mortgage Fraud: From A-Z w/Solutions

This is a complete record of evidence to support the allegation that the housing boom was a fraudulent plan that begin in 1996. A choreographed disaster.

Some of you know that I have been researching and writing about this for over 2 years. A bit of what I have reported is just surfacing in the news, even though I constantly contacted them and provided information. Others have picked up a lot of the foreclosure information, which is helping. But the A-Z story needs to be told. I have the details.

This is offered to help homeowners fight to keep their homes and the news media to grow some and get the whole story out in the open.

Below are some suggested SOLUTIONS TO FORECLOSURE/INVESTOR problems.

I will begin with a simple analogy:

21 Oct 2010

Watercooler – What Book Would You Like To Write?

Last night, we shared what books we are currently reading. Tonight, I’d like to hear what you’d write about if someone gave you a fat check and said, “Write about whatever you want.”

21 Oct 2010

Country Rocks, but Bluegrass Rules

Who is your fav bluegrass performer?

21 Oct 2010

Right-Wing Voter Guide Revolution: What Can Progressives Learn?

According to these Christian voter guides (which exist in all 50 states), the vast majority of Democrats in Congress are “Anti-Jesus” and have a “faith friendly” rating of zero.

21 Oct 2010

From Despair to Activism: It Gets Better for LGBT Youth

In light of the recent suicides of gay teens around the country, we asked our colleague, Darrell Tucci, to share his story for the first time to let youth know it gets better and to let people know they can do something to help.

21 Oct 2010

Valerie Jarrett on Lt Dan Choi: “I Share His Frustration”

Sidestepping Wolf Blitzer’s question (again!) about whether Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell is unconstitutional, and saying that she and the President want Congress to end the law as soon as possible, White House Senior Adviser in Charge of Taking the Heat from Gays Valerie Jarrett said she shares Lt Dan Choi’s frustration over the pace of the repeal in Congress.

21 Oct 2010

God…in Pencil…

It’s time for a return to moral positions for the Democratic Party; MLK was not only prophetic, but an advocate for much of what is missing from political debate and consideration now.

21 Oct 2010

It’s a Big Country

What was can be