22 Oct 2010

I Support Rep. DeFazio Who is Investigating Impeachment of SCCJ Roberts for Citizens United

Yes I would. No single decision has ever been more damaging

22 Oct 2010

Politics of Clean Energy, Part 3: Leaders on Clean Energy Lead in Their Races

Conservatives in the media have a set of simple narratives that they are telling in this election cycle.  One is that Obama’s policies are unpopular, so Obama has become unpopular, so Democrats or Republicans who vote with him have become unpopular too.  Exhibit A is usually the health care law, but his clean energy proposal is also often thrown in.  This narrative would be very compelling in its simplicity if it were true.

22 Oct 2010

Seth Stambaugh, Gay Oregon Student Teacher, Reinstated

It’s nice to end the week with a victory lap for LBGTs — goddesses know we need one this week.

22 Oct 2010

Obama: A Modern U.S. President

Obama! A Modern U.S. President

22 Oct 2010

Whitman Makes Money the ‘Old-Fashioned Way’–Tax Breaks for the Rich

A cornerstone of California’s Republican gubernatorial candidate and billionaire Meg Whitman’s economic platform, is elimination of California’s capital gains tax. If elected and able to abolish the tax that mainly benefits the mega wealthy, Whitman could net some $40 million during a four-year term as governor, according a new report. Now that’s making money the old fashioned Republican way—tax breaks for the super rich.

22 Oct 2010

Guns for all, YES

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

22 Oct 2010

GOP Threatens to Cut Bert and Ernie’s Social Security, Again

Seizing the occasion of NPR firing Juan — but I’m so perfect to fill that slot on Fox All Stars — Williams, the entire Republican Wurlitzer is calling on Congress to defund the evil NPR, and while they’re at it, why not just take out the last vestiges of public funding for public radio and television, the perceived bastion of liberal –by which they mean rational, non-Christian– journalism.

22 Oct 2010

Strange Bedfellows Indeed; Family Values Deviants

Without standards to violate, the thrill of getting by with stomping on your own public image, would it be so thrilling? I leave that for those with degrees in behavior sciences that I don’t have.

22 Oct 2010

Something New This Way Comes…Announcing MyFDL [UPDATE]

This platform you’ve both loved and fretted over will get a screaming hot upgrade to be launched Sunday morning.

With it will come a new name: MyFDL.