23 Oct 2010

Saturday Art – Dark Soul, Chapter Twenty-One

Chapter Twenty One

Five dawns after obtaining the level of Doci amongst the Celesti, Tyrone had still managed to hold from the Shadow the secret of achieving that status. In his mind Tyrone was rating this a rather important victory, but he had no illusions that the Shadow would simply let it lie out of good will, as if good will and the Shadow were comfortable mates in the same thought, let alone in the world!

Still there was also a slight amount of respect from his dark friend now that it had become clear Tyrone had won his long pursuit of Krenchi. Though to be sure there was always some new comment when she joined the men at the end of the day. It was not in the Shadow to let any situation go untested by the sharpness of his spelon tongue.

These were the thoughts that orbited Tyrone’s need to find the Shadow this mid-day. There were things the two men needed to talk about, things both had thought long settled on the night they were so ingloriously cast into the valley of the Celesti by a flood.

Tyrone knew the City just well enough to find his way to the district where the Vernita sept had many of their forges and workshops. Unlike the Shadow, Tyrone was not at all embarrassed to throw himself on the good nature of the local craftsmen. Soon enough he found himself standing in the open wall of a workshop watching the Shadow being instructed in the method of thinning and sharpening an axe head. After a moment or two Saltori Trasbello look up from watching one of his master crafters instruct the Shadow and noticed Tyrone. Leaving the men to their work the big smith walked over to Tyrone.

23 Oct 2010

Johnson Presses Huizenga’s Hypocricy on Erik Prince/Blackwater Support

Emptywheel recently wrote a post about a debate where Candidate Fred Johnson taking Bill Huizenga to task about his support for Blackwater Security/Xe. An excellent post…and it bears emphasizing that the ties between Hoekstra-clone Huizenga and Blackwater Erik Prince run very, very deep.

If Huizenga replaces retiring Pete Hoekstra, we’ll have a staunch, long time ally and bosom buddy for Erik Prince calling the shots in DC — Add in the thousands in campaign contributions from the American Bankers Association AND the Family Research Council and we have one of the most conservative, fundamentalist people setting up shop in congress with relatively little fanfare. As the Dems mock the goofy and scary O’Donnell for her extreme ways, Huizenga is sitting below the radar.

23 Oct 2010

Banks Created the Foreclosure Crisis – They Should Have to Live with It

The firms that pushed securitization the hardest decided to treat mortgage record keeping into a game of Three Card Monte. Now that even they can’t find the queen, they deserve to suffer the consequences.

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23 Oct 2010

I Can Haz Oilburger? Punking of Chevron Continues

The Yes Men are so pleased with their punking of Chevron’s greenwashing ad campaign that they’re outsourcing the folow-up. More mockery is on the way, and Chevron doesn’t like it.

23 Oct 2010

NY Times Tale of US Soldier Intervention Against Torture is a Lie

The New York Times tells how a U.S. soldier intervened to stop the torture of an Iraqi prisoner by Iraqi police. Except that never happened, and the New York Times own document proves it. Why does the Times feel it has to lighten this tragic tale? Because the truth is so awful: the U.S. countenanced wide-scale torture by its puppet government, and still does.

23 Oct 2010

Saturday Art: Gaudi’s Habitat

A truly beautiful concept occurred to Antoni Gaudi. He originated a housing project. It now is Guell Park. If all of us could live in such an atmosphere, no doubt the world would be a much better place.

22 Oct 2010

‘Crazy Horse 18’

A quick synopsis on the Wikileaks dump…!

22 Oct 2010

Now Illegal For Teachers To Contact Students On Facebook

But really, for every bad teacher, I’ve had a good one. A teacher who gave me faith in the human race. A teacher that would listen to me. A teacher who gave me friendship. Now that friendship comes with a jail sentence.

22 Oct 2010

Vote No on Proposition 22: State Borrowing From Local Government Funds

This is the third part of a series of posts giving recommendations on California’s propositions. This post recommends a “no” vote on Proposition 22, which restricts state borrowing from local funds.

Proposition 24 (and not 23, which everybody has already heard about) will be the subject of the next post in this series.

22 Oct 2010

Watercooler – DeMint Wants To De-Fund NPR

Sen. Jim DeMint, the conservative and increasingly powerful Republican senator from South Carolina, introduced a bill Friday to strip federal funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) in the wake of National Public Radio’s decision to fire Juan Williams for comments about Muslims that he made on Fox News earlier this week.