23 Oct 2010

Presto Change-o Tax Avoidance

Predatory practices that used to be detrimental to third world countries have become standard to corporate welfare seekers from U.S. coffers. Tax shelters are their answer to the benefits, and concessions, they’ve been given by our government. Now it’s time to end that approach, and bring profits back where they belong. The taxpayer doesn’t have an obligation of charity toward the businesses made possible by hard work here at home.

23 Oct 2010

My $.02 on Juan Williams

Short discussion of the Williams firing by NPR

23 Oct 2010

Could This Be 2010’s Most Innovative Ad?

Perhaps you need to be a Glee fan to truly appreciate the pacing, graphics, and narration of this ad for incumbent Pat Quinn (get it, Quinn?) in the Illinois governor’s race. But there’s lots of information for non-Glee-viewers. And, let’s face it, the folks who need motivating to go to the polls to vote Democratic are Glee fans, not Matlock fans.

23 Oct 2010

Reform Versus Revolution

The creation of a decent society is premised upon ending capitalism.

23 Oct 2010

Truth About Hopeless, Deadly Stalemated War Revealed in Iraq War Logs

Iraq War Logs from Wikileaks were made public yesterday and document 109,000 deaths, including 66,000 civilian deaths, of which 15,000 were previously unknown. The more than 390,000 field reports from US military reveal the truth about the Iraq War from 2004 to 2009, which Wikileaks’ Julian Assange hopes will correct attacks “on the truth that occurred before the war, during the war, and which [have] continued on since the war officially concluded.”

23 Oct 2010

Saturday Art: Norman Rockwell. Yes, Norman Rockwell.

Recently, while in an antique store in northern Wisconsin, I broke down and sprung for a used copy of the big-ass hardcover Time-Life version of Norman Rockwell: Artist and Illustrator.   And I don’t feel a bit guilty.

23 Oct 2010

Wikileaks’ Assange Walks Out of CNN Interview

Assange walks out of CNN interview.

23 Oct 2010

Saturday Art: Walla Wallas by Dale Chihuly

Walla Wallas by Dale Chiluly is part of an installation of the artist’s works in Nashville.

23 Oct 2010

MN GOP Gov Candidate Tom Emmer’s Attempt to Sneak into Enemy Territory Falls Flat

Seems anti-Latino-immigration guy (and Tea Party GOP gubernatorial candidate) Tom Emmer tried to hold a stealth rally in enemy territory. Unfortunately for Mr. Emmer and his friends, they got caught at it.