15 Oct 2009

Obama Wants To Extend $250 Bonus for Seniors – A Stimulus By Inches

Today, the Administration released the news that there would be no cost of living adjustment for Social Security for the first time since 1975. Inflation is negative (down 2.1% year-over-year), and the COLA is pegged to inflation. To make up for this, and also to help seniors bear the brunt

15 Oct 2009

IA-Sen: Will Grassley Get a Top-Tier Challenger?

Charles Grassley was the designated kamikaze pilot for the Republicans on health care reform, doing whatever he could to tarnish and delay the process. The threats came entirely from his right, because no credible opponent had announced to run against his re-election effort on the Democratic side in 2010, while

15 Oct 2009

Is Bill Clinton Raising Money For Mike Ross? UPDATED: Yes

Politico runs a beat sweetener on Mike Ross today, positing him as a bravely bold centrist under fire from the liberals and conservatives (so he must be just right!), with an EXTREMELY buried lede. At the tail end of the article comes this nugget: Whether or not any of the

15 Oct 2009

House Financial Services Passes Stronger Derivative Rules

The House Financial Services Committee just approved rules on financial regulatory reform governing derivatives, the often-unregulated, high-risk gambling market that basically accelerated the crash of the global financial system. The Committee approved the measure on a party-line vote of 43-26. New rules for the largely unpoliced, $450-trillion over-the-counter derivatives market

15 Oct 2009

PA-Sen: Ned Lamont To Endorse Joe Sestak On Monday

Joe Sestak’s Senate campaign is set to roll out a big endorsement on Monday, and the Philly Inquirer learned who it is: U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak, trying to knock off a veteran Democratic incumbent senator in the primary, will get an endorsement Monday from somebody who succeeded in doing just

15 Oct 2009

Lemme Turn This Thing On…

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