16 Oct 2009

Latest CBO Score Shows House Health Care Plan Costs The Same, Covers More Than Baucus-care

This is a pretty big deal. The Senate Finance Committee has all along touted their version of health care reform as the only deficit-neutral bill that keeps under President Obama’s benchmark of $900 billion dollars over 10 years. It turns out that the latest CBO analysis of the merged bills

16 Oct 2009

Melissa Bean’s Ex-Chief of Staff Now Lobbying Against Financial Regulation

Here we go with the revolving door. The Sunlight Foundation has completed a study of how the US Chamber of Commerce is using former government officials as part of their lobbying team on financial regulation. According to second quarter lobbying disclosure reports, the Chamber currently employs, directly or through outside

16 Oct 2009

Maine AG Shoots Down The “They’ll Teach Homosexuality In Schools” Lie

I remember from covering Prop. 8 here in California how one pernicious lie from the theocrats was used over and over again in political ads – the idea that, if marriage equality became law, your children (think of the children) would be taught how to be gay in schools. The

15 Oct 2009

The Roundup

(I’m going to try to do a nightly roundup of all the stories I don’t get to in a day) • That derivative legislation I mentioned before that passed the House Financial Services Committee today may be even worse than I thought. Industry will basically get to set their own

15 Oct 2009

Mark Pryor Won’t Filibuster The Health Care Bill

Based on this interview by Mike Stark, Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor apparently would not join a Republican filibuster of health care reform legislation, barring something “completely objectionable.” STARK: Is there any chance you would join with the Republicans to stop health care, say if there was a public option in

15 Oct 2009

Stage Set For Climate And Energy Bill In The Senate

It may seem like it, but the health care bill is not the only major piece of legislation Congress is trying to pass this year. The House has already approved climate and energy legislation, and now the Senate is actually ramping up their version of the bill, with hearings later

15 Oct 2009

Dems Keep Reconciliation Option Open

October 15 is actually an important day in the health care debate. When the Democrats wrote budget reconciliation instructions earlier this year, they designated October 15 as the first date for when they could decide on using the reconciliation process to pass health care reform, instead of a process subject

15 Oct 2009

NJ-Gov: Biden And Obama To Stump For Corzine; Daggett The Key

Jon Corzine will get both the President and the Vice President to campaign for him in the final weeks of his re-election battle against Republican Chris Christie and Independent Chris Daggett. After word came yesterday that President Obama would hit the campaign trail, Vice President Biden followed suit today, with

15 Oct 2009

Health Care Fiscal Scolds Have An Option: Allow Importation Of Prescription Drugs

One of the few amendments that may actually pass a 60-vote threshold on the floor of the Senate would be Byron Dorgan’s push to allow the safe importation of cheaper prescription drugs from abroad. Americans are charged more for medications than any country in the world, and this amendment would

15 Oct 2009

Obama Wants To Extend $250 Bonus for Seniors – A Stimulus By Inches

Today, the Administration released the news that there would be no cost of living adjustment for Social Security for the first time since 1975. Inflation is negative (down 2.1% year-over-year), and the COLA is pegged to inflation. To make up for this, and also to help seniors bear the brunt