17 Oct 2009

VA-Gov: WaPo Endorses Creigh Deeds For His Transportation Policy

During the Virginia Democratic primary for Governor, Creigh Deeds’ campaign didn’t take off until he secured the endorsement of the Washington Post, which is read in the Northern Virginia suburbs. Today he received the endorsement in the general election, which could inspire the same kind of resurgence to his campaign,

17 Oct 2009

Harman Shift On Afghanistan Could Reflect Impact Of Progressive Primary Challenge

Traditionally hawkish Congresswoman Jane Harman surprised many at a Brookings Institution event yesterday by coming out against escalation in Afghanistan. Harman, a longtime Intelligence Committee member, told a Brookings Institution gathering today that any further increases “wouldn’t be well received” on Capitol Hill. Harman’s view is that the Obama administration

17 Oct 2009

Obama Attacks Insurance Industry In Latest YouTube Message

The President’s weekly message this week has generated more attention than a lot of the others, because it features him taking his hardest edge yet against the health insurance industry – the kind of message that progressives have wanted him to deliver for some time now. This is the unsustainable

16 Oct 2009

The Roundup

I’ll probably have some items to populate the news desk over the weekend, FYI. Here’s a link-fest: QUICK UPDATE: In something of a Friday news dump, Creigh Deeds’ campaign confirmed via email that Barack Obama would campaign with the VA gubernatorial candidate on October 27. Deeds has Bill Clinton coming

16 Oct 2009

Senate Committee Examines Insurance Industry Discrimination Against Women

(Note: I am a blogger fellow for Brave New Films and their Sick For Profit campaign, detailing the practices of the insurance industry) The Senate HELP Committee held a very interesting hearing on health insurance gender discrimination. It has not been a subject that has come up much in the

16 Oct 2009

Say On Pay With BofA

White House special master for compensation Kenneth Feinberg brought the hammer down on exiting Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis today, clawing back his salary and bonus for 2009. He still is on track to collect a $53.2 million dollar pension when he leaves the CEO position, so he’s not

16 Oct 2009

More Health Care Tea Leaves From Harkin, Lincoln

Ezra Klein writes today that the blending of the two health care bills into one for the Senate floor will be a true blend – those issues where both the HELP Committee and the Finance Committee weighed in will result in one compromise or other, and other issues where only

16 Oct 2009

House GOP’er Hyping “Muslim Infiltration” in DC Wrote Foreward For Book Making Claim

In yesterday’s roundup I mentioned this story about some conservative McCarthyites hyping a claim about Muslims planting “spies” on Congressional committees to influence national security policy. The claim is entirely based on a dubious book called Muslim Mafia written by a discredited character named Dave Gaubatz. But the Charlotte Observer

16 Oct 2009

New Report: Conservative Republicans Are Delusional Paranoids

An eye-opening new report from the Democratic-aligned research organization Democracy Corps suggests that conservative Republicans, the majority of the GOP base, harbor a well-developed, consistent, peculiar worldview about President Obama and his “hidden agenda” for the country. Armed with “facts” from conservative media, these individuals, fully 2/3 of the Republican

16 Oct 2009

Rumor: Public Option To Be Left Out Of Merged Senate Bill

David Herszenhorn quotes anonymous Senate aides saying that the merged bill may not include a public option: Democratic aides say that Senate leaders working with the White House to meld the two bills are inclined to leave the public option out and to let supporters propose amendments to add it