19 Oct 2009

PA-Sen: Sestak Says “Thanks Arlen Specter For Following My Leadership”

On a conference call with Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA), who is challenging Arlen Specter in a US Senate Democratic primary, he took a couple shots at his opponent’s newfound appreciation for the public option, but would not join the Progressive Block in the House that has vowed not to vote

19 Oct 2009

Blanche Lincoln Taken To The Woodshed By Public Option Supporters

I mentioned last week that Blanche Lincoln was holding an online chat on health care Saturday. You can watch a replay of the event at this link. And you can see several Arkansans pointedly question the Senator about her opposition to a public option in health care. Here are some

19 Oct 2009

Chamber Of Commerce Hoax Looks Like The Work Of The Yes Men UPDATE: Confirmed w/VIDEO

This morning, the Chamber of Commerce made an announcement of support for climate change legislation, an extreme shift from their prior stance of opposition. In fact, in prepared remarks, a spokesman for Chamber President Tom Donohue went further than the current Congressional bills, calling for a stiff carbon tax and

19 Oct 2009

Liberals, Drop-Off Voters And The 2010 Elections

Last Friday, I wrote about that Democracy Corps study showing that the conservative base lives in a dreamworld, and the problems this poses for Republicans in the 2010 midterms. They are not the only party with difficulties facing them next year, however. History and demographic trends actually provide problems for

19 Oct 2009

UN Invalidates Hundreds Of Thousands Of Votes In Afghanistan, Strips Karzai Of Victory

A major story out of Afghanistan, with implications for the US strategy in the region. The United Nations’ Electoral Complaints Commission has completed their work on the Afghan elections, tossing out so many fraudulent votes to bring Hamid Karzai under 50% in the first round of voting, necessitating a runoff.

19 Oct 2009

Senate Using Reconciliation On Major Piece Of Obama Agenda – Not Health Care, But Education

Education has kind of taken a back seat to some of the other facets of the Obama agenda, but on one measure they have sought to make tangible progress – the utterly common-sense notion of ending the subsidization of the private student lending market, and using the savings of providing

19 Oct 2009

New Ad Questions Harry Reid’s Toughness On Health Care

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which has run a series of hard-hitting ads across the country on health care, has now turned their eyes to Nevada as the Senate attempts to merge the two bills that have cleared the relevant committees. With Harry Reid’s role now central, the ad squarely

18 Oct 2009

Weekend Roundup

Quickly, now, some highlights from the weekend: • I try very, very hard not to watch the Sunday shows anymore, so if you really, really need a fix, check this thread. • More revelations are dribbling out about concessions in the derivatives legislation that cleared a House committee this week.

18 Oct 2009

Two Major Maine Papers Endorse No On Question 1

Over the weekend, the two largest daily papers in Maine have come out against Question 1, the ballot measure which would overturn the marriage equality law passed by the legislature earlier this year. The Bangor Daily News said that allowing same-sex marriage “furthers the state’s interest in promoting stable families”:

18 Oct 2009

Pulling Threads: Afghanistan

So I’m initiating a weekend feature on the site – I’m trying to shake it up! – taking a look at a single issue from a variety of angles, making connections based on the available reporting from the week. Today I’ll be looking at Afghanistan, and the changing politics around