20 Oct 2009

Original Signer of Anti-Net Neutrality Letter Writes His Own Pro-Net Neutrality Letter

Last week, 72 Democrats sent a letter to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, stating a series of “concerns” they had about the Chairman’s proposed rule codifying net neutrality. As Jason Rosenbaum notes, it was an odd letter for several reasons: Clearly, these Members of Congress are urging the Commissioner not to

20 Oct 2009

Large Majorities Oppose Taxing Expensive Health Care Policies

The big story in that ABC/Washington Post poll released yesterday is that big margins support a public insurance option in health care reform, and prefer a bill with that element over a bill that is bipartisan and can attract Republican votes. In addition, the only slippage on health care in

20 Oct 2009

Karzai Agrees To Runoff Election, To Be Held In Two Weeks

The Afghan election commission today bowed to international pressure and ordered a runoff, complying with the United Nations recount that pushed President Hamid Karzai below 50% of the vote. Karzai will face former Prime Minister Abdullah Abdullah in the runoff, to be held on November 7. The quick runoff date

20 Oct 2009

NJ-Gov: Christie’s Mole In NJ US Attorney’s Office Working On His Political Behalf

That’s Chris Christie, the former US Attorney and GOP candidate for Governor in New Jersey, explaining that he raised money for George W. Bush (over $350,000, to be exact) and that he was appointed USA in New Jersey “because, in part, I had a relationship with the President of the

19 Oct 2009

The Roundup

News from a very busy day in politics: • Seeking to capitalize on that Washington Post endorsement, Creigh Deeds’ campaign immediately released an ad touting it, though his campaign later downplayed the effect of the endorsement as a “game-changer.” • The President advanced a new policy strategy for Sudan today,

19 Oct 2009

The Nuts and Bolts Of The Insurance Industry’s Anti-Trust Exemption

On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee will mark up a bill that would repeal the part of the 1945 McCarran-Ferguson Act that grants an anti-trust exemption to the insurance industry. In recent weeks, Democrats in both houses of Congress, including both Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid, have remarked favorably

19 Oct 2009

Two S.Carolina GOP County Chairs: Sen. Jim DeMint “Watching Our Nation’s Pennies” As A Jew Would

Here’s a statement desperately in need of an editor. Two county chairmen of the state GOP in South Carolina (why is it always South Carolina?) responded to an op-ed in The State by a Democratic representative who assailed Sen. Jim DeMint’s stance on earmarks and bringing home projects for the

19 Oct 2009

More And More, Democrats Fearing Health Care Mandate Without Public Option

It’s draining to chase down all the public pronouncements on health care reform and the public option, which usually ends up with something Jane Hamsher has called working the yo-yo. Some Democrat or White House official backs off the public option, says it isn’t the entirety of reform, outrage ensues,

19 Oct 2009

Major Win Over Financial Industry – Pre-Emption Beaten Back In CFPA Bill

This was unexpected. Binyamin Applebaum reported today that banking interests have actually lost a major battle on Capitol Hill: The House Financial Services Committee is expected to vote Tuesday to let state governments protect bank customers by imposing restrictions that go beyond existing federal laws, according to congressional and industry

19 Oct 2009

Obama Lauded For New Policy On Medical Marijuana

Fulfilling a campaign promise, the Obama Administration moved away from DEA raids and crackdowns on legal medical marijuana dispensaries in 14 states. The Administration had previously been criticized for allowing raids to go forward despite rhetoric claiming that they would focus on higher-level drug trafficking than the dispensaries where sick