20 Oct 2009

Obama On OFA Webcast: “We Have To Be Unified”

Obama’s Organizing for America webcast from New York City, which seemed more like a campaign speech than a Presidential address, featured a very strong defense of the progress made in his first term, and a vow that he is “just getting started” on the change for which people voted last

20 Oct 2009

The Roundup

Before the links, a quick note: in yesterday’s post about drop-off voters and the 2010 elections, I should have been a bit clearer in attributing Page Gardner’s quote about voters who “chose hope over anger” as specifically related to the 2008 election and not any particular issue like health care.

20 Oct 2009

Report: Death Penalty “Enormously Expensive”, “No Clear Benefits”

A new report from the Death Penalty Information Center takes a look at an often-neglected piece of the debate over capital punishment – the financial cost. The death penalty in the U.S. is an enormously expensive and wasteful program with no clear benefits. All of the studies on the cost

20 Oct 2009

Door Open On The Public Option, President Obama Need Only Walk Through It

The campaign arm of the DNC, Organizing For America, has delivered over 150,000 phone calls, at last count, in favor of health care reform. The President himself will deliver remarks at a “Time To Deliver” call party tonight. Less clear is what these callers are actually asking for in the

20 Oct 2009

Supreme Court Will Hear Uighur Case

The Supreme Court has decided to rule on whether federal judges can mandate the release of detainees at Guantanamo Bay who represent no terrorist threat into the United States, over objections from the Obama Administration. The case could set up a major separation of powers battle before the court, which

20 Oct 2009

Senate Democrats Call Out Obstructionist Republicans On Unemployment Insurance Extension

Democrats have wanted to extend unemployment insurance benefits for at least a month, but individual Republicans like Jon Kyl have objected to unanimous consent for a speedy passage, holding up the bill while hundreds of thousands of Americans slip off the unemployment rolls. Almost 2 million more will lose their

20 Oct 2009

Consumer Financial Protection Agency Markup Begins

In the House Financial Services Committee today, debate has resumed on a bill to establish a Consumer Financial Protection Agency that would centralize oversight of financial products like housing and auto loans, credit cards, payday lending and other products offered to consumers, rather than giving responsibility to more diffuse regulators.

20 Oct 2009

Will Obama Make A Decision On Troops Before The Runoff?

As Afghanistan moves to a runoff election, the latest question in the debate over escalation has moved to whether or not a decision should be made before that election comes off and a governmental partner is known. The White House and Senate leaders appeared over the weekend to balk at

20 Oct 2009

New Poll Shows Dead Heat On Gay Marriage Question In Maine

Public Policy Polling has released a new poll on Question 1, the measure that would invalidate Maine’s gay marriage law, and the result is a dead heat: 48% say they will vote to over turn the law while 48% say they will vote to keep it with only 4% of

20 Oct 2009

Progressive Groups Target Companies Over Their Chamber Of Commerce Membership

The divisions among the business community over climate change have burst into view this year, particularly with respect to the US Chamber of Commerce, which several high-profile companies have left because of their lobbying against a climate bill and their general denial of climate science. Now, several progressive groups are