09 Dec 2006

Congressman Donald Payne, the Darfur Interview

we are not going to allow people to be killed and murdered simply because their skin is black-Congressman Payne, NJ-10I had the opportunity to interview New Jersey Congressman Donald Payne, who’s next in line to chair the subcommittee on Africa and Human Rights in the new Democratic Congress. For the

07 Dec 2006


Was pointed to this recently on an art site I frequent. I literally was crying I was laughing so hard. http://www.youtube.c… I am probably going to hell for that.

07 Dec 2006

The I-Word

First off, go read all of this (snippet below). Yes, there are plenty of “I-Words” to go around, and each and every one should lead to Impeachment. We impeached a sitting president for lying about oral sex, and yet let these people stay in power. The Iraq Study Group has

07 Dec 2006

sHillary & Holy Joe on the Biggest Issue of the Day

2,920 brave American troops have died in Iraq, with 11, 7, and 7 troops dying per day, respectively, during the last three days reported.  30 troops have died in the first six days of December alone.  The violence there has passed civil war proportions and has moved on to ethnic

04 Dec 2006

It’s not a Final Solution, but it’s a start

I’m generally against the idea of forced tattooings and special identification for a reviled minority.  But if that minority is the wingnut fringe who fell for this hoax, I’m willing to allow a “DANGEROUS IDIOT” stamp on their foreheads: Radio Hoax Exposes Anti-Muslim Sentiment in U.S. WASHINGTON (Dec. 1) —

04 Dec 2006

Religious Extremist Terrorist Sentenced in Tennessee

I can’t believe this story isn’t 72pt font headlined on every major newspaper.  I can’t believe this story isn’t first on the crawl on CNN, MSNBC, & FAUX News.  I can’t believe that we’ve caught a potential muslim extremist terrorist red-handed trying to blow up Congress and we’re not hearing

01 Dec 2006

Lovin’ the New Blend

Howdy, Blenders!  It’s permanent guest barista and 2nd assistant assistant to the assistant manager “Radical” Russ here, just checkin’ out the new digs.  Hey, that espresso machine is new!  And look at the swell art on the walls.  Yeah, ol’ Pammy did us right, didn’t she?  Thank MNESD that we’re