03 Mar 2015

Washington Redskins, Charlie Hebdo and the free speech right to be racist

In a desperate attempt to hold on to its multi-million-dollar trademark, the Washington Redskins franchise submitted legal arguments last week seeking to overturn a 2014 decision by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to cancel the team’s trademark because it is offensive to Native Americans. The team’s attorneys argued that denying the

03 Mar 2015

The Elephant in Congress: Netanyahu’s Own Nukes

It’s astonishing that in the breathless run-up to Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s appearance before a joint session of the U.S. Congress to warn of a nuclear-armed Iran, no one—politicians, editorial writers, media pundits—point out that there already is a nuclear power in the Middle East—Netanyahu’s Israel. Estimates are that

02 Mar 2015

Highlighting Failed Policy in Syria, US-Armed Militia Falls to Al-Qaeda Affiliate

Harakat al-Hazm, armed with American anti-tank missiles, announces dissolution by Sarah Lazare A U.S.-backed militia in Syria, touted by the Obama administration as a trusted “moderate” group and armed with American anti-tank missiles, is reportedly dissolving following a series of defeats by al-Qaeda aligned Jabhat al-Nusra—leaving the U.S.-led war on

02 Mar 2015

Triumph of the checklist: Comparing Netanyahu, ISIS and Hitler

13. Has absolutely no tinges of conscience whatsoever after having caused thousands of families, scores of ethnic groups, an unknown number of combat veterans and even whole countries to suffer from shell shock, battle fatigue and PTSD http://www.unrwa.org/newsroom/press-releases/serious-upsurge-post-conflict-trauma-gaza-says-un:

Hitler: Check
Netanyahu: Check
ISIS: Check

14. Is invited to speak before Congress:

Hitler: No way.
ISIS: Not a chance.
Netanyahu: Roll out the red carpet!

02 Mar 2015

Fifty Years of Imperial Wars: Results and Perspectives

By James Petras, 99GetSmart Introduction Over the past 50 years the US and European powers have engaged in countless imperial wars throughout the world. The drive for world supremacy has been clothed in the rhetoric of “world leadership”, the consequences have been devastating for the peoples targeted.  The biggest, longest and

01 Mar 2015

Anti-Capitalist Meetup: Camaraderie, reading, and “a queer socialist poet” by Galtisalie

Why do we do this? I can only speak for me, but I do it not only to foment revolution–a worldwide peaceful one of justice in the service of love brought about by direct and indirect action–but also for the camaraderie. NancyWH reminded me of that in a comment she

01 Mar 2015

Boston Bombing News: the opening statements – what to expect?

Next Wednesday, March 4, the hot phase of the Tsarnaev trial is scheduled to start, and after the defense’s last-minute efforts to achieve a change of venue due to massive prejudice of the coming jury were rebuffed by the appeals court there is little doubt that the opening statements of

01 Mar 2015

Camera Work: Mirrors and Mandalas

Some ten years ago or so, I accidentally became aware of the possibility that single images contained information that, to the eye, in a single image, was not particularly visible, and that is what’s happening at the edges of a photo. Second to that is what incomplete shapes take on meaning by mirroring the shape.

01 Mar 2015

On John Kerry, Tamerlane, and Genghis Khan

On ABC’s This Week today, American Secretary of State John Kerry said that the recent destruction of priceless Assyrian works of art by the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq(ISIS) was a “rampage reminiscent of Tamerlane and Genghis Khan.” Tamerlane? Genghis Khan? Wow. These ISIS guys must be really bad ass. But

28 Feb 2015

Why Do We Fear Challenging Authority?

Have you ever noticed your own inclination, or that of other people, to believe what you/they are told by someone seen to be in authority? For example, did you know that there is overwhelming scientific evidence that the 911 destruction of the World Trade Center buildings 1, 2 and 7