15 Jan 2010

Deanna Zandt: Helping Haiti Through Tech

The devastation that Haiti is facing after Tuesday’s earthquake is flooring. and emotionally wrenching for many of us. And lately, when we’re hard hit, we take to social networks to work out our pain and find a way to manage it.

12 Jan 2010

The F Word: Willing to Reconsider

OK, so I’ve been a feminist against marriage for as long as I can remember but I will if you will.

11 Jan 2010

The F Word: Immigrant Deaths Covered Up

Monday, January 11, marks eight years since the Bush administration transferred the first prisoners to the U.S. detention facility at Guantánamo Bay. Ever since, human rights groups have pushed for the closure of Guantánamo and they’re pushing harder now for the Obama administration to implement its plans to transfer or release detainees and shut the place.

07 Jan 2010

The F Word: Civilization and its Homophobes

The Washington Post ran an impassioned editorial January 7, condemning the anti-homosexuality law being considered in Uganda.

05 Jan 2010

The F Word: Death Penalty Supporters Concede Defeat

We saw a lot of bad death penalty-related news last year—the probable execution of innocent men in Texas, the attacks by a prosecutor on the Medill Innocence Project students at Northwestern University, and the horrific failed attempt at an execution in Ohio.

04 Jan 2010

The F Word: Dubai’s Tower of Debt

New year, new symbol? The Burj Dubai fits. The 1 billion-pound building unveiled in downtown Dubai this week is the world’s new tallest tower. More than half a mile high, more than two Empire State buildings tall, the Dubai tower boasts 169 stories, the world’s highest swimming pool, the world’s highest place of worship, and the world’s tallest mountain of denial.

21 Dec 2009

The F Word: Who You Callin’ Moderate?

The Senate held a historic vote on health care reform last night at 1 AM. Splitting exactly along party lines–that is, if you call Joe Lieberman a Democrat–the health care bill made it through a cloture vote and is one step away from final passage and the conference committee.

17 Dec 2009

The F Word: Union Labor is Sexy Too

President Obama gave a speech this week touting weatherization as a “sexy” way to save money and make the world a greener place. His audience included Senators, mayors, and labor leaders, and he cracked
jokes in between serious discussion of insulation, job creation, and clean energy.

16 Dec 2009

The F Word: Sex Worker’s Rights are Worker’s Rights

If you see a bunch of people in your neighborhood carrying red umbrellas, it might not be about the weather. December 17th is the international day to end violence against sex workers, and the red umbrella has become a symbol of sex worker rights and safety.

15 Dec 2009

The F Word: Holiday News Jingle

It’s holiday season. And besides I’ve been feeling too grumpy to take the news “straight.” So I came up for a ditty for today. You’re welcome to send us yours. Here’s mine: