02 Feb 2010

The F Word: The Defense Industry is Pleased with Obama

Who says the president is failing to show leadership? In one area at least, there’s no sign of flag or falter. If anything, the administration’s only becoming more forthright. Sad to say, that area is military build-up.

01 Feb 2010

Moving Updates!

Hi everyone — an update!

Thanks to your support, we’re about $1000 closer to our goal of raising $50,000 in moving expenses, equipment purchases, and cost increases! GRITtv has broadcast from the Air America studios since May 2008, and has to move on–we’re looking for bigger and better space,and we have other new, exciting features coming too!

30 Jan 2010

GRITtv is Moving! HELP?

Hi everyone — an update! You have heard the news about the closing of Air America Radio. We’re sorry to see our friends and officemates go, and wish them the best. Of course! But GRITtv is also in a fix: GRITtv has broadcast from the Air America studios since May

28 Jan 2010

The F Word: In Defense of Root Canals

In his State of the Union, President Obama scored some laughs early on with his comment that the bank bailout was “about as popular as a root canal.”

26 Jan 2010

The F Word: Define Security, Mr. President

A three-year freeze on public spending on everything except entitlements, veterans benefits and security?

Two years into a major recession — a devastating depression in many place — just how is this administration defining that convenient little word “secure?”

25 Jan 2010

The F Word: The State of the Corporate Union

The state of the Union will be a little different this year. Thanks to a last-minute switch the annual address will be presented by Lloyd Blankfein, CEO and Chairman of Goldman Sachs, known henceforth as CEO of America.

22 Jan 2010

Blog for Choice: The F Word: Stupak is a Step Back

The House passed its version of health-care legislation Saturday night by a vote of 220 to 215 after the approval of an amendment which amounts to a not-very-back door abortion ban for everyone but the very rich. Presented by Democrat Bart Stupak of Michigan with the strong backing of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the amendment would prohibit abortion coverage in the government-run plan and any private plan on the new marketplace that accepts people who are using government subsidies to buy coverage.

21 Jan 2010

The F Word: Coakley DID Define Herself. More’s the Pity.

Sexism certainly played a part in the way Coakley was treated in the senate race, and in the media. Her cold-fish personal style came in for no end of abuse. But it’s sexist, too, to downplay her (barracuda) professional record. Before the President and the Dems take another dive to the right, it’s at least worth asking: If the Dems had backed a real live, living-and-breathing progressive in the primaries, might things have turned out different?

20 Jan 2010

The F Word: Lessons Not Learned

A year ago I was freezing on Mall with a few million others, watching the inauguration of a new President. Today I’m sweltering in my unnaturally hot office, fearing the inauguration of a new movement.

18 Jan 2010

The F Word: What the Government and Big Banks Have Failed to Learn

There is another side of the story — the mouse that’s not allowed into the room on Wall Street. Throughout this year of crisis small banks and community banks have fared much better. Why? Because they had a closer relationship with their clients. They weren’t too big to care. And, in general, the 8,000 regional and community banks in the United States have remained healthy.