19 Dec 2013

Music & Murder: “Narco Cultura” Takes Viewers to the Front Lines of the Mexican-American Drug War

  It’s 7PM when Shaul Schwarz, director of the documentary, Narco Cultura, calls from his Brooklyn office to discuss his film.  He tells me, “I kept feeling this hunger to tell the wider story of this war that’s affecting millions of people on both sides of the border and how

19 Dec 2013

Like a Beverly: Starting Somewhere

  I first discovered Beverly on a list of female songwriters I stumbled across this Summer. Beverly “Guitar” Watkins. Up until that point I’d never heard of her. The corresponding picture featured on that list was of a woman crouched down with her guitar.  A bona fide bad ass if

19 Dec 2013

Bob Newhart Cancels Appearance at Anti-Gay Legatus Summit

Comedian Bob Newhart has canceled his headlining stand-up appearance at Legatus Summit, a virulently anti-gay Catholic organization. So happy! Wednesday Newhart tweeted: Upcoming Bob Newhart Tour Date Change — Bob will not be performing at the Legatus Summit in Orlando FL on February 6th, 2014 A number of bloggers and

19 Dec 2013

Duck Dynasty: “Vile Remarks” Phil Robertson Suspended by A&E

Phil Robertson, the patriarch of  A&E’s hit series Duck Dynasty, has been placed on indefinite hiatus following an interview with GQ Magazine in which he said that homosexuality led to bestiality and sleeping around with women. The elder Robertson is often portrayed on the series as being out of touch

17 Dec 2013

Late Night: Joan Fontaine, Peter O’Toole Unique TV Moments

  http://youtu.be/uGSAeJNWk8M Two of the greats, Joan Fontaine and Peter O’Toole played the public relations game like pros, and have a good time doing it in these vintage television clips.  Delightful, good natured and charming, their talent and star qualities shine forth, despite the silliness of the proceedings. When asked

16 Dec 2013

George Zimmerman: He’s Selling a Painting on eBay. And It Sucks.

Since a Florida jury acquitted him of all charges in shooting death of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman has gotten two tickets for his driving and  has  been arrested twice for domestic violence, once against his wife (they’ve since filed for divorce). and once against his new girlfriend. Charges were dropped in

15 Dec 2013

RIP: “Billy Jack” Tom Laughlin Dead

Auteur film director/actor and presidential candidate Tom Laughlin is dead. He was 82. Laughlin is best known for for his film Billy Jack in which he utters the classic line: I…just…go…BERSERK! before beating the crap out of racist bullies. Billy Jack was one the first movies to introduce martial arts

14 Dec 2013

Two Johns and a Whore: Conjugating Myself

Last Sunday’s LA Times let the cat of the bag:  If you read to the end in the awesome profile of  the magazine-publisher-turned-successful-gallery-owner Mat Gleason, you’ll see that I’m an artist and I’m curating an art show that opens January 11, 2014 at Coagula Curatorial. Part of the reason I

14 Dec 2013

Despite John Wayne, Tuberculosis Is Still Around

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyIUHZ9QSYQ&feature=share&list=PL0792E42A9A148496&index=31 One of the displays in the weensy museum in my grandma’s town of Hiawatha, Kansas, was a brick engraved with with the warning: Don’t spit on the sidewalk. and a notice that doing so was illegal. Because, grandma told me, that’s one way tuberculosis was spread.  So to me

13 Dec 2013

Zerlina Maxwell Reacts to Twitter ‘Block’ Reversal After Online Uproar

Trigger Warning: This Article Contains Content Regarding Rape Culture Zerlina Maxwell is a bad ass who just succeeded in getting Twitter to back down on a controversial and ill-advised decision regarding the site’s ‘block’ functionality. I spoke with her for her reaction but before that- some background: Zerlina made waves