02 Aug 2010

No on Prop 19 Calls Our “Just Say Now” Campaign “Tasteless”

Firedoglake founder Jane Hamsher took to CNN Monday tonight to announce Just Say Now, our campaign for marijuana legalization with the awesome folks at Students for Sensible Drug Policy and other notable allies. It was quite the showing, as Jane absolutely destroyed No on Prop 19 consultant Tim Rosales, who called our campaign “tasteless.”

02 Aug 2010

Announcing Our Marijuana Legalization Campaign: Just Say Now

I’ll be on CNN in the 7pm ET hour talking about the Just Say Now campaign with Jessica Yellin — jh In April we held a contest to name our campaign to end marijuana prohibition.  There were over 800 entries, with 15,000 people voting.  The winner  is CBl2 for her

24 Jul 2010

NN10 Amazing Simultaneous Three-Way Liveblog!

The last afternoon of panels is stacked, and three of our best have been scheduled at the same time, so FDL will attempt the unprecedented, unscripted and extremely dangerous triple liveblog!

Over on Emptywheel, Rayne will be covering Marcy as she takes on one of Obama’s signature broken promises: the failure to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay. On our Elections page, Michael Whitney will liveblog a panel on marijuana policy and politics featuring Jon Walker. And at the FDL News Desk, my fingers will do their level best to keep up with David Dayen as he tackles the foreclosure crisis.

02 Jun 2010

Medical Marijuana Makes the Ballot in Arizona

A bit of good news coming out of Arizona, despite the state’s disaster of immigration policy. Medical marijuana advocates in Arizona announced today that they qualified for a spot on this year’s ballot after turning in about 252,000 signatures, well more than the 145,000 required by the state. That means when Arizonans hit the polls this November, they’ll be able to vote to allow medical marijuana use in the state.

25 May 2010

ACTION: Defend the 1st Amendment in Washington State

Two weeks ago, a federally funded drug task force called WestNet seized 200 signatures in support of placing marijuana legalization on the November ballot in Washington State while conducting a raid on a medical marijuana dispensary. Early in the morning, drug agents entered the home of the family that owns

04 May 2010

Late Nite FDL — It’s Here, Pot Campaign Final Voting!

We’re almost there.  Over 800 entries and three nights of semifinal voting later, these are the slogans that the community has chosen as the finalists in our “name our pot campaign” contest: Just Say Now Just Say No – To Prohibition Vote Green Stop Supporting Cartels Marijuana Never Stole Your

29 Apr 2010

Late Nite FDL: Welcome to Third Round Semifinal Voting of “Name Our Pot Campaign” Contest

Third round semifinal voting is now open Everyone from Desmond Tutu to Fox News acknowledges that the explosive immigration situation in Arizona is exacerbated by drug trafficking across the border.  From the AP: The volume of drugs coming through the Arizona border is also eye-popping. Federal agents seized 1.2 million

28 Apr 2010

FDL Late Nite: Vote For “Name Our Pot Campaign” Contest

Round two voting is still open The opposition to the California marijuana legalization measure has a new website, called Public Safety First. It would more appropriately be called the Prison Industrial Complex Profit Protection Racket, because they are the same outfit who organized against California’s Prop 5, the Nonviolent Offender

27 Apr 2010

FDL Late Nite: Vote For “Name Our Pot Campaign” Contest, Second Round Semi-Finals

Cast your vote here Tonight is the second round of semi-final voting for FDL’s “Name Our Pot Campaign” contest.  We had a lot of fun last week coming up with slogans in the comments, and in the fine FDL tradition, there were over 800.  The third round of semifinal voting

21 Apr 2010

Late Nite FDL: “Name That Pot Campaign” Contest, Night 2

Last night we had the first night of our contest to name FDL’s marijuana campaign. We were going to have the semifinal voting tonight, but I changed my mind. I’m having too much fun being back at Late Nite again, and Mike Whitney decided he wanted to expand the contest