22 Aug 2010

The Art of the Whip Count and the Strategic Referenda

It has often been said that politics is the art of the possible. The heart of this concept is the whip count.

22 Aug 2010

War At Our Border; Prohibition Has Failed

Drug wars that have taken a toll on our border towns and made life dangerous are one inevitable result of the ineffective ‘War on Drugs’, launched in 1971 by Richard Nixon, that we have used to combat just the end effects of deeply flawed policies trying to end drug use rather than accept given facts.

20 Aug 2010

LEAP’s Neill Franklin Discusses “Just Say Now” on MSNBC

Wow, this is a great appearance by a wonderful spokesman I had not seen before on the “Just Say Now” side. Please try to ignore the MSNBC anchormodel who betrays more than he knows when he says in the intro, “I just want to get it in the simplest of terms….” Gotcha, buddy.

20 Aug 2010

LEAP Director Neill Franklin Backs National Black Police Association Endorsement of Prop 19: Legalizing Marijuana Will Cut Violent Crime

Recently, the 15,000 member strong National Black Police Association endorsed Proposition 19, the California ballot initiative that proposes to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana. Neill Franklin, the executive director Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and a retired African American police officer with over 30 years of experience in law enforcement appeared

19 Aug 2010

Is Armstrong Williams in the Pay of Mexican Drug Cartels?

Armstrong Williams, about whom it must always be first asked, “who purchased this new opinion of yours, Armst?”, has a new opinion about marijuana legalization in Mexico. It appears perfectly aligned with the Mexican drug cartels’ opinion of marijuana legalization. So, Armst, I gotta ask — which Mexican drug boss purchased this opinion of yours and paid you to type it up for The Hill?

18 Aug 2010

Rolling Stone: “Just Say Now” to Legalize Marijuana

Rolling Stone has a big new article in this month’s issue about the push to legalize marijuana in California and across the country. The title of the article may sound familiar: it’s called “Just Say Now.” And our campaign gets an impressive plug.

17 Aug 2010

SSDP Petition Signature Kickoff: We Already Have A Winner!

Just Say Now launched the Campus Challenge yesterday, with Students For Sensible Drug Policy chapters competing to see which one can gather the most signatures for the petition asking President Obama to end the war on marijuana.  The first chapter to reach 50 signatures gets 50 Just Say Now stickers

17 Aug 2010

Michael Whitney Talks About Ending Marijuana Prohibition on Russian TV

RT has been doing a great job of covering the brewing international crisis in Latin America caused by antiquated US drug policy, something that our media has virtually ignored.  Last night Alyona Minkovski had FDL’s Michael Whitney on to discuss the Just Say Now campaign, following up a recent appearance

13 Aug 2010

Saving California from Gays and Pot

SaveCalifornia, the organization that helped bring you Prop. 8, has a new target in its sights: gay pot.

OK. It’s just regular pot. But in the wake of Prop 8’s overruling, SaveCalifornia is putting their homophobic frustrations toward defeating Prop. 19, California’s marijuana legalization initiative.

10 Aug 2010

No Politician Left Behind: Letter to the Maverick—Arizona Now Outlaws Hats

No Politician Left Behind: Letter to the Maverick—Arizona Now Outlaws Hats