08 Sep 2010

“No on 19” Says “Yes” to Scientology

The same day Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca became co-chair, with Dianne Feinstein, of the No on 19 campaign, he held a press conference to announce the arrest of a suspect in a triple murder case in West Hollywood. Baca used the platform — and his role as sheriff —

05 Sep 2010

The Pain-Killing Power of Marijuana

The cannabinoids found in marijuana mimic the pain suppression qualities of cannabinoids found in the body. They may be a godsend for people who cannot tolerate morphine. People who say marijuana has no medicinal uses are painfully wrong.

02 Sep 2010

Florida Law Enforcement Veteran Disputes George LeMieux’s Claims About Marijuana Prohibition

“I’d love to have the opportunity to meet with Senator LeMieux to help him understand that only by legalizing and regulating marijuana can we actually take control of it and thereby put the violent thugs who sell it out of business,” says Kyle Vogt, a retired military police officer who now runs a small business in Florida. He is “active in his church” and believes that “this is not a crime issue, but a health and spiritual issue.”

29 Aug 2010

Willie Nelson: Can Hemp Save the Family Farm?

Willie Nelson recites hemp facts and advocates for legalization.

29 Aug 2010

Farm Report#7: Trimming the Workforce?

Female plants are valued in Humboldt; they produce the buds. The male plants are winnowed and yanked out. When it comes to trimming time, women are valued, too. They do most of the trimming, at about $25 an hour. Cash. Under the table. Some people might think it’s sorta sexist

27 Aug 2010

“Can I Haz Cheezburger with My Marijuana?”

Ben Huh, founder of The Cheezburger Network, has stepped into the Reddit / Conde Nast scrum over Conde Nast’s refusal to run ads supporting California’s Prop 19.

27 Aug 2010

After Conde Nast Censorship, Reddit to Run Just Say Now Ads for Free

Social news aggregator Reddit.com today agreed to host for free advertisements from marijuana advocacy group Just Say Now, after Conde Nast, the site’s parent company rejected all marijuana legalization display ads.

The Reddit community revolted to the censorship, with hundreds of users saying they’d turn on “ad blockers” to deny Reddit and Conde Nast ad revenue. After several hours of pressure from community members, Reddit issued a statement to its community and challenged its parent company’s decision.

27 Aug 2010

Lies About Prop. 19

Smoking pot isn’t activism, but Dragonfly de la Luz, a “professional stoner,” is using her perpetual stonedness to spread misinformation about marijuana legalization with a blog called “Stoners Against Prop 19.” She’s wrong on so many levels and here’s why all California voters should be saying Yes on 19.

27 Aug 2010

Reddit.com Decides to Show the Just Say Now Ads! [Sort of]

After initially not allowing the ads to appear, an uproar began on the very pro-legalization reddit.com.

27 Aug 2010

Reddit Won’t Run Any Display Ads for Marijuana Legalization [UPDATED with Reddit, Conde Nast Responses]

Hot on the heels of Facebook censoring marijuana leafs in ads on the social network, and Google’s decision to accept and run nearly identical ads, a third major Internet site took a side on legalization ads.

Social news site Reddit, owned by publishing company Conde Nast, told Just Say Now that the site would not run any display advertising relating to marijuana legalization.