23 Sep 2010

It’s Easy to Spot a Just Say Now Supporter…

I just wanted to share this wonderful picture and brief story I received from one of our Just Say Now supporters today. From Lynda in PA: Here’s a photo taken yesterday at the Philadelphia Zoo. After I walked through the entrance gate, I heard a voice calling, "Miss, miss, does

23 Sep 2010

Yes on Prop 19 Holds Steady Lead, 47%-42%, in Latest SurveyUSA Poll

Support for Proposition 19, which would legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana in California, is holding remarkably steady according to the latest SurveyUSA poll for CBS 5. Among likely voters, 47 percent said they are certain to vote yes while only 42 percent are said they are certain to vote no.

22 Sep 2010

Live: Just Say Now Broadcasts UC Berkeley Debate on Prop 19

At 7pm PDT tonight, students from UC Berkeley will debate Proposition 19, California’s initiative to legalize marijuana. Thanks to Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Just Say Now is able to livestream the debate from UC Berkeley’s campus. Check out our new Just Say Now: Live! page to watch the debate live.

22 Sep 2010

Announcing the New Just Say Now Store – Already Banned by Facebook

We’re pleased to announce the brand-new online store from Just Say Now. Featured in our store are hemp t-shirts, hemp tote bags, stickers, pins, t-shirts – just about everything you need to show your support for legalizing marijuana and support our organizing to pass marijuana ballot initiatives in November. Even though we complied with Facebook’s censorship of pot leafs, all of our ads for the Just Say Now store were rejected. And the rejection came with some blatantly false statements, and a harsh warning.

22 Sep 2010

Big Alcohol’s Anti-Marijuana Spokesman on the Hill

The latest congressman to speak out against marijuana has received at least $20,000 from the beer and liquor industry this cycle. It’s time he did some explaining.

21 Sep 2010

For Kathryn in MA and others

Drug prosecutions of U.S. citizens overseas

20 Sep 2010

Cannabis Reconsidered: A Paradigm Shift – from Escalating Punishment to Least Harm

If we all stand together, we can turn around a horrific status-quo by putting cannabis in the realm of health, not law enforcement. Persuade our community leaders to stand up and speak for humanity and humane practices. For voters unsure of the result of legalization, let’s demand an immediate cease fire in the War on Drugs, to show that all hell will not break loose.

19 Sep 2010

Just Say Now: Boardwalk Empire Watch Party Tonight at 9pm ET on Firedoglake

We’ll be having a Boardwalk Empire watch party starting each week at 9pm ET, sponsored by the Just Say now campaign. We’ll have special guests and hosts, contests and a lively discussion in the comments that will hopefully be entertaining even for those who aren’t watching.

Join us tonight at 9pm ET as Just Say Now hosts the first Boardwalk Empire watch party.

17 Sep 2010

Raid on 2 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Northern CA; Blowback on Prop 19?

A bit of breaking news from NorCal about Feds busting medical pot dispensary.

17 Sep 2010

What Kerlikowske did not say about marijuana use rates

Office of National Drug Control Policy director Gil Kerlikowske is having difficulty facing other more plausible explanations for why teenage marijuana use might have increased. It’s easier to blame medical marijuana instead.