14 Oct 2014

More Polling Finds Medical Marijuana Right on the Edge in Florida

Indications are that the fight for medical marijuana in Florida will be extremely tight. A new Gravis Marketing poll finds Amendment 2, the Use of Marijuana for Certain Medical Conditions, falls just short of what is needed for approval. The survey of likely voters found 55 percent planning to voter

13 Oct 2014

The Six Main Ways Marijuana Can Be Legalized

As the world moves away from prohibition and towards marijuana legalization, I’d like to give an overview of what that could mean. There are potentially more than a hundred different ways legal marijuana could be treated with dramatically different impacts, but I want to provide a detailed look at the

10 Oct 2014

Reminder From Pakistan That Prohibition Makes Things More Dangerous

Here is a story about of drug prohibition needlessly making what is prohibited more dangerous, possibly lethal. In this case it is alcohol, which is banned in Pakistan. From the Washington Post: In a dry country such as Pakistan, it can be hard to find a drink. And those who

10 Oct 2014

New Poll: Medical Marijuana Winning in Florida

There is very good news for medical marijuana in Florida. A new University of North Florida poll of likely voters found Amendment 2, the Use of Marijuana for Certain Medical Conditions, with overwhelmingly support. It found 67 percent of voters plan to vote yes in support of medical marijuana, while

10 Oct 2014

Canada’s Largest Addiction Teaching Hospital Calls for Marijuana Legalization With Tight Controls

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Canada’s largest mental health and addiction teaching hospital, took the bold step of calling for legalization of marijuana, subjected to very strict controls. Their policy recommendation is a clear reminder that being anti-prohibition is no way the same as being pro-marijuana, even though

09 Oct 2014

Are Oregon Sheriffs Concerned About Pot Use or Losing Money?

This year the only serious financial opposition to the marijuana legalization initiative in Oregon is coming from the Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association which so far has donated $145,000 against it and the Oregon Narcotics Enforcement Association which contributed $20,000 against it. This is not too surprising given that besides illegal

08 Oct 2014

List of More Than a Dozen Marijuana Votes This November

This year the four biggest and most important marijuana elections in the country are the legalization initiatives in Alaska, Oregon and the District of Columbia as well as the medical marijuana amendment on the ballot in Florida. These aren’t the only places where voters will get a chance to weigh in on

08 Oct 2014

Medical Marijuana Might be in Trouble in Florida

Efforts to to make Florida the first Southern state with a functioning medical marijuana system might fall short according to a new SurveyUSA poll for WFLA-TV. The poll found Amendment 2, the Florida Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative, receiving 51 percent support among likely voters. It is opposed by 33

07 Oct 2014

Lil’ Jon Is Turning Out for Marijuana Legalization This November

Rock the Vote has a new music video featuring Lil’ Jon encouraging people to turout to vote for issues important to them. From Rock the Vote: Lil’ Jon’s reason for turning out to vote this year is marijuana legalization. While his giant joint is a comical prop, it is actually

06 Oct 2014

Majority in UK Back Marijuana Legalization as US Loses Ability to Push Other Countries Around

The people of the United Kingdom are ready to follow the lead of voters in Colorado and Washington State. A new Observer poll of UK adults by Opinium Research found a majority would back legalization. When asked, “In two states in America (Colorado and Washington) the sale and possession of