31 Oct 2014

Oregon Marijuana Legalization Measure Winning in Latest Poll

It looks like Oregon will be the third state to legalize marijuana. The latest SurveyUSA poll for KATU finds Measure 91 with majority support. If approved, the measure would legalize, tax and regulate marijuana for adults 21 and over. The poll found 52 percent of likely voters planning to vote

30 Oct 2014

D.C. Council Prepares for Historic Move Towards Marijuana Legalization

The Council of the District of Columbia is set to make history as the first legislature in the country to pass a law legalizing, taxing, and regulating marijuana sales for adults. At 11:00 am the Council will hold their first public hearing on a proposed legalization law and I will

29 Oct 2014

Poll Shows Legalization Initiative on Path to Victory in D.C.

All signs indicate the people of D.C. will vote in favor of legalizing marijuana next week. A new survey by Public Policy Polling for Washington City Paper and the Kojo Nnamdi Show found Initiative 71 leading with 52 percent of likely voters planning to vote for it and only 35 percent

29 Oct 2014

Which Pot Poll to Believe in Oregon?

We have two recent polls on the marijuana ballot initiative in Oregon, Measure 91, and they diverge significantly from each other. One poll came out yesterday. It was conducted by Elway Research for The Oregonian and KGW.  It found the measure losing, with 44 percent of likely voters planning to

28 Oct 2014

What Price Do You Want Legal Marijuana to Sell for?

Mark Kleiman’s reserved endorsement of Oregon’s marijuana legalization initiative, Measure 91, has crystallized in my mind a question that I would like to see other policy experts, political leaders, and regular people answer. What specific price would you ideally want legal marijuana sold for? If marijuana were fully legalized without

28 Oct 2014

Medical Marijuana Amendment Appears to Be in Trouble in Florida

It is looking increasingly likely that Florida will not legalize medical marijuana this year. New polling confirms that Amendment 2, Use of Marijuana for Certain Medical Conditions, probably won’t get enough votes this November to be adopted. The latest Gravis Marketing poll found 50 percent of likely voters plan to

24 Oct 2014

Sen. Alexander (R-TN) Opposes Feds Interfering in State Marijuana Laws

Republican Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander has adopted a states’ rights approach to marijuana reform issues. From the Chattanooga Times Free Press: “Sen. Alexander believes that Washington, D.C. should not be telling states what to do about the decriminalization of marijuana,” Alexander spokesman Brian Reisinger said in an email response to

23 Oct 2014

Last Month’s Anti-Pot Poll in Colorado Appears to Have Been a Fluke

Last month prohibitionists aggressively highlighted a Suffolk poll showing a majority of likely midterm voters in Colorado don’t support the new marijuana law, but now it looks increasingly clear that poll result was a fluke. The September poll found 45.8 percent of likely midterm voters in Colorado agreed with the

22 Oct 2014

Washington Post Editorial Board Goes Full Reefer Madness

The Washington Post editorial board already came out against Initiative 71, which would legalize marijuana in the D.C., in an error ridden op-ed they still refuse to issue a correction for. Now they are doubling down with this Reefer Madness op-ed against the Council getting ready to fulfill the will of

21 Oct 2014

The Heritage Foundation’s Dishonest Attack on Vanita Gupta

Charles Stimson at the Heritage Foundation is opposed to President Obama nomination of Vanita Gupta to head the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. While it is fine to disagree with a person’s policy position or oppose their nomination, his dishonest attempt to distort the facts is unacceptable. From his article