08 Dec 2004

Give ‘Em Hell Howard

Howard Dean on the Future of the Democratic Party. Given at The George Washington University on December 8, 2004: We are what we believe. And the American people know it. And I believe that over the next two… four… ten years… Election by election… State by state… Precinct by precinct…

08 Dec 2004

Wahabists = Ku Klux Klergy

Some excellent thoughts today from David Neiwert on his site, regarding the need for Democrats to re-define the war on terrorism and shatter the current dialectic that allows Republicans to “own” the issue and successfully hijack any attempt at meaningful reform: The key to winning any war, whether amorphous, cold,

07 Dec 2004

No Guts, No Glory

Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) gives a rundown of what the final conference agreement stripped out of the Intellgence Reform Bill: “Like all Americans, we are pleased that there is a plan in place to reform our intelligence system that failed to see many of the warning signs of

06 Dec 2004

Taking Back the South, Pt. 3. – What Would a Progressive Immigration Policy Look Like?

The Bush Administration’s policy on immigration has been, to no one’s surprise, designed to facilitate the erosion of worker’s rights, the exploitation of illegal immigrants, the further flow of money from the bottom to the top and the destruction of the middle class. Democrats have been slow to define themselves

05 Dec 2004

Taking Back the South Pt. 2 – “Bring Me The Head of David Dreier”

It was supposed to be so easy. Republican David Dreier, the 24-year Los Angeles area Congressman who chairs the powerful House Rules committee, was guaranteed a virtual walk in the park for the 2004 election. He had high visibility, powerful friends in both Governor Schwarzenegger and George Bush, and a

04 Dec 2004

Taking Back the South Pt. 1 – “Welcome to Flea Country”

Although I currently live in a blue state, I come from a long line of inbred Southern rednecks. My family tree looks more like a Mobius strip. And let me tell you, there is nothing like a good dose of racism, cognitive dissonance, Rush Limbaugh and the flurry of gunfire


Late Nite FDL: Battle-Ax Bigots Once More Into the Late Nite FDL: Battle-Ax Bigots Once More Into the Breech

It’s nice to know that whenever MSNBC needs something said that is so ugly, so fulminatingly rancid and dog-whistle racist that even Bill Bennett will not show up and do the honors that a vile, bilious hatchet-faced nag like Kate O’Beirne is always at the ready (see video at C&L).

Why didn’t she just come out and say “negroes don’t know how to act at funerals?” Because that’s exactly