31 Oct 2014

Firedoglake Joins Coalition Letter Demanding Congress Restore Whistleblower Rights for Intelligence Contractors

This week, Firedoglake joined a diverse, transpartisan coalition of organizations to send a letter to chairmen and ranking members of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House Committees on Armed Services, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, demanding Congress restore whistleblower protections for

31 Oct 2014

Obama Manages the Rare Triple Play of Bad Politics on Immigration

The latest Pew Research poll shows Democrats have lost serious ground among Latinos. During the 2010 election Democrats had a 43 point net advantage among this voting group, but it dropped to only a 29 point advantage this cycle. I can’t help but assume part of the reason is that

29 Oct 2014

Firedoglake: We Do It All

I’ve now been an online organizer here at Firedoglake for more than 3 years and the aspect of FDL that stands out to me most is the sheer variety of issues we work on. There are many great organizations out there that organize around civil liberties issues. There are excellent

29 Oct 2014

The Math Skills Lacking Among the Uninsured

We have yet another study indication that people are going to have a very tough time using the Affordable Care Act health exchanges effectively. New research from the Urban Institute found that a large percentage of uninsured adults under 65 and making less than 400 percent of the federal poverty

29 Oct 2014

The Media Has Failed the Public on Ebola

Adopting a blanket quarantine will make it much less likely that health care workers will travel to affected areas. The best way to protect everyone in the world would be to try to quickly eliminate the disease at its source. Hampering efforts to do so could actually increase the chances of it spreading to new countries.

27 Oct 2014

A Year in Grading Obamacare on a Curve

Now that it has been roughly a year since most of the major elements of the Affordable Care Act launched, the New York Time takes a look at how the law is working out and Paul Krugman labeled it a success. The Times has a very nice survey of the results

27 Oct 2014

The Health Care Industry Is Always Innovating New Ways to Steal Your Money

The New York Times offers yet another example of the ongoing problem of consumer protection whac-a-mole. While the Affordable Care Act was meant to offer at least some limits on what people pay for preventive care and out-of-pocket spending, the health care industry is finding clever new fees that might not

24 Oct 2014

Dear New Yorkers, Did a Doctor Recently Vomit on You?

Everyone living in New York City, did Dr. Craig Spencer recently vomit or bleed directly on you? If the answer to that question is no, then you have nothing to fear from this most recent Ebola case. Dr. Spencer understood the risk of his work to help people in Africa

22 Oct 2014

Vast Majority of Americans Have No Idea How Health Insurance Actually Works

The American health insurance marketplace is sadly dominated by a bad mix of overconfidence combined with significant ignorance. While a majority of adults under 65 think they understand their policy, only a tiny fraction can even correctly answer a rather basic question about how much a doctor’s visit will cost

21 Oct 2014

Just 11 Percent of Uninsured Know When the Next Open Enrollment Period Is

We are less than a month away from the start of the next Affordable Care Act open enrollment period and shockingly few uninsured Americans know that. In the latest Kaiser Family Foundation Poll, only 11 percent of the uninsured know the second open enrollment begins in November. From KFF: Presumably,