12 Jul 2011

In 1,200 Word Profile on Eric Cantor, WaPo Neglects to Mention His Bet against the US

So the WaPo did a 1200-word profile on Eric Cantor’s central role in debt ceiling negotiations. And somehow they never get around to mentioning that Cantor has a bet placed against US Treasuries. Eric Cantor, the Republican Whip in the House of Representatives, bought up to $15,000 in shares of

12 Jul 2011

Hamid Karzai’s Brother Killed by Guard

This is going to make it more difficult for us to declare victory and withdraw from Afghanistan. Ahmed Wali Karzai, the Kandahar provincial council chief, was killed during a gathering, said provincial governor Tooryalai Wesa. He did not know a motive. While the governor initially said a friend killed Karzai,

11 Jul 2011

How the Government Hid Their Pacha Wazir Mistake by Denying Habeas Corpus

Scott Horton’s revelation that the detainee described as “CAPTUS” in Glenn Carle’s book, The Interrogator, is an Afghan named Pacha Wazir reveals something else: in spite of the fact that Carle realized the CIA had been mistaken about Wazir’s ties to al Qaeda sometime in 2002, Wazir was not released

11 Jul 2011

No Wonder They Hired Andy Coulson

Amid news that News Corp is playing games with its BSkyB bid (and even that Murdoch might sell News International entirely), the Guardian reports that Gordon Brown, like everyone else in England it seems, was hacked by “journalists across News International.” Journalists from across News International repeatedly targeted the former

11 Jul 2011

RomneyCare Didn’t End Medical Bankruptcies

Surprise surprise. Getting everyone insurance is not enough to eliminate medical bankruptcies. (h/t Susie) To gauge whether healthcare reform in Massachusetts had eased bankruptcies, the researchers looked at a random sample of Massachusetts bankruptcy filers in July 2009, sending surveys to almost 500 households. They compared their results to national

10 Jul 2011

On the Wisdom of Keeping Up Offensive Pressure

As we hear about how heroic this victory was over the next few days, remember what went into it: first, superior fitness. Thankfully these women did not rest on their reputation for greatness, but instead put in the hours of training to make sure that if they had to, they

09 Jul 2011

Trash: F1 British Grand Prix, Sweater Vest Forfeitures & Foxsuckers

There are a lot of sports deserving of some Trash Talk this weekend, including the one and only British GP from Silverstone, Derek Jeter…Jetah…, getting his 3,000th hit and the gleeful schadenfreude over The. Ohio. State. University. having to self forfeit all its wins from 2010. All are glorious sports

09 Jul 2011

Is “National Security” a Good Excuse to Pursue Policies that Undermine the Nation-State?

Here I was steeling myself for a big rebuttal from Benjamin Wittes to my “Drone War on Westphalia” post on the implications of our use of drones. But all I got was a difference in emphasis. In his response, Wittes generally agrees that our use of drones has implications for

09 Jul 2011

Panetta: Kill 20 Leaders, End the War on Terror

Leon Panetta kicks off his new job as Secretary of Defense with a trip to Afghanistan. On the plane over there this morning, he told reporters that we just need to kill 10 or 20 leaders of al Qaeda and we will “strategically defeat” al Qaeda. (h/t Spencer) Defense Secretary

08 Jul 2011

David Plouffe: ALSO Wrong on Consumer Confidence

Greg Sargent has a post arguing that complaints about David Plouffe’s comments about unemployment are being distorted. It seems Plouffe was actually asked a question about whether and how the unemployment rate would impact the Presidential race. He replied by claiming that the number itself wouldn’t impact people’s votes. In