21 Jan 2010

IN-9: Baron Hill Trailing Mike Sodrel in Fifth Straight Match Up, 41% to 49%

FDL/SurveyUSA, 1/16-1/18, 600 likely voters, margin of sampling error ± 4.1% If there were an election for US House of Representatives today, and the only two candidates on the ballot were Democrat Baron Hill and Republican Mike Sodrel, who would you vote for? 41% Baron Hill (D) 49% Mike Sodrel

20 Jan 2010

NY-01: Bishop 47%, Altschuler 45%, Adding Public Option Makes Mandate 26% More Popular With Republicans

Since adding the public option or expanding Medicare in reconciliation is one of the only viable ways to pay for the deal on the excise tax without raising taxes, something that the White House and Congress have agreed to, its popularity in this close district is a positive sign for those who still hope to see health care reform passed.

19 Jan 2010

Polls Close In Massachusetts – Update Brown Wins

At 8:00 polls offically closed in Massachusetts. Because the late surge from Republican Scott Brown did not materialize until very late in the campaign, very little exit polling was done. To find out who won the election, we will need to wait and learn that information the old-fashioned way, by

19 Jan 2010

In Defense Of Coakley: Democrats All Over The Country Are Polling Bad

Did Martha Coakley make many mistakes? Yes. Could she have run a much better campaign? That is probably true, although no one on the Democratic side was really taking Scott Brown seriously until very late in the game. Despite the possible failings of Coakley, it is important to remember that her problems were definitely not all of her own making. Even in a blue state like Massachusetts she was running into a strong national headwind. Voters are angry, worried, and disappointed right now for a variety of reasons and much of their frustration is being direct at the party in power in Washington. A party that is not being viewed as using the power it has to fix the problems in the country that regular people are facing right now.

18 Jan 2010

Poll Trend Moves Strongly Against Martha Coakley

Democrat Martha Coakley is not just down in most polls against Republican Scott Brown in Massachusetts, but the trends in the poll numbers seem to be moving strongly against her. All polling firms that have tested the race repeatedly, except, ironically, Pajamas Media, have shown Coakley losing support and Brown

16 Jan 2010

Ohio Democrat Steve Driehaus Losing To Steve Chabot 39% to 56%

FDL/SurveyUSA, 1/12-1/14, 600 likely voters, Margin of Sampling error ± 4.1% If there were an election for US House of Representatives today, and the only two candidates on the ballot were Democrat Steve Driehaus and Republican Steve Chabot, who would you vote for? Steve Driehaus (D) 39% Steve Chabot (R

15 Jan 2010

Vic Snyder Withdraws

Max Brantley at the Arkansas Times is reporting that seven-term congressman Vic Snyder has dropped out of his 2010 race in Arkansas-02: U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder of Little Rock distributed an e-mail shortly after 4 p.m. Friday saying that he is not running for re-election, citing family demands. His decision

14 Jan 2010

Exclusive: Arkansas Democrat Vic Snyder Trailing Tim Griffin 39% to 56%; Individual Mandate Penalty Unpopular with 3 of 4 Voters

FDL/SurveyUSA poll, 1/11-1/13, likely voters, Margin of Sampling Error: ± 3.9% If there were an election for US House of Representatives today, and the only two candidates on the ballot were Democrat Vic Snyder and Republican Tim Griffin, who would you vote for? Vic Snyder (D) 39% Tim Griffin (R)

14 Jan 2010

Welcome to FDL Elections

Welcome to the launch of the new FDL Elections blog. This page will be dedicated to election coverage, political campaigns, and polling for the 2010 midterm elections. Between now and November, Firedoglake will be sponsoring a series of political polls to test the mood of the country and the strength