07 Aug 2009

Friday Muppet Blogging

A singing Viking ship.

A ransacked seaside town.

Pigs in costume carrying a tune.

And a classic Village People tune.

It’s a laugh fest. Enjoy.

07 Aug 2009

Financial Journamalism: Notes From The Department of Duh!

The last few weeks, I’ve been following the hoo haw over Matt Taibbi’s brilliant Goldman Sachs/Wall Street screed with more than a little amusement. The rabid pushback at Taibbi from the usually timid bunny following the golden carrots financial press has been a sight to behold. My favorite was Charlie Gasparino at CNBC who dismisses Taibbi’s article without adequately addressing any of its substance by relating it to “half-literate bloggers.”

06 Aug 2009

SCOTUS: With 68 Votes, Sotomayor Approved As Associate Justice

Judge Sonia Sotomayor was approved as the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. The final Senate vote tally was 68 votes for her nomination, 31 votes against.

The one Senator not voting was Sen. Kennedy, who expressed support for her nomination but was not present today in DC for the vote due to his illness.

06 Aug 2009

SCOTUS: Tipping The Scales Between Politics And The Rule Of Law

The vote on Sonia Sotomayor’s SCOTUS nomination is likely to come at 3 pm ET today. Would that other legal positions were also a priority in the Senate. This is what happens when you fail to make the rule of law a priority: Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), speaking at the start of a committee meeting, expressed frustration that the Senate has not confirmed any nominees to the federal judiciary this year. In all, he said, there are 17 nominations that the Judiciary Committee has sent to the full Senate and that are still awaiting confirmation.

05 Aug 2009

SCOTUS: Senate Debate On Sotomayor Continues After 9:30 am ET

The Senate finally got to some debate on the Sotomayor SCOTUS nomination late yesterday, after an interminable wrangle on the agriculture bill. The Senate is expected to gavel back into session at 9:30 am ET this morning.

After morning business concludes, the SCOTUS debate should resume with a vote likely sometime late today or early tomorrow.

C-Span has been keeping a handy, alphabetized tally of Senator’s public statements on voting

04 Aug 2009

SCOTUS: Is NRA Already Backtracking On Sotomayor Opposition?

The full Senate will take up debate on the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the SCOTUS, with a vote likely sooner rather than later since a filibuster or other lengthy opposition strategy is not expected.

It’s almost as though the GOP wants to rush the vote off the floor. Too bad Sen.

03 Aug 2009

Reminder: DPC Hearing On Troop Exposure To Toxic Chemicals at 2 pm ET

The Democratic Policy Committee (the DPC) has another in its series of hearings today. This one regarding negligent exposure of US troops and Iraqis to a highly toxic chemical: sodium dichromate.

Yet again, KBR’s negligence is one of the questions at issue. From the committee press release:…Witnesses include National Guard members from Indiana, Oregon and West Virginia who were exposed to sodium dichromate at Qarmat Ali,

03 Aug 2009

SCOTUS: Gilbert, Sullivan, Sotomayor And Sunlight For The Masses

This line from Gilbert & Sullivan’s H.M.S. Pinafore sums up the Beltway whole mess, doesn’t it?I grew so rich that I was sent by a pocket borough into Parliament. I always voted at my Party’s call and I never thought of thinking for myself at all.I had forgotten how much I love a Gilbert and Sullivan farce until I was reminded of them over the weekend by, of all people,

01 Aug 2009

Saturday Potluck

Piggy banks via Daniel Y. Go. Love the colors!

With the economy still crawling along for a whole host of people, I thought a bit of discussion on how folks are trimming their own budgets might be useful for everyone.

I know at our house, I’ve been doing much more home cooking from scratch and much less take-out and convenience food .

01 Aug 2009

Pull Up A Chair…

I have been on a travel book kick of late. It’s a bit of escape reading for me, really, without having to actually leave the house.

There is a line in Out of Africa where Karin Blixen is asked whether she’s traveled much — she’s being teased about bringing Limoges to Africa to set up house.