14 Aug 2009

Beyond Sotomayor: Progressives And The Courts

US Constitution via kjd.

This afternoon’s panel was a great discussion, and I enjoyed being a part of the mix. For folks who missed it, C-Span has it available on their website.

We had initially thought about beginning with an opening statement from everyone, but decided that doing a more interactive opening question would be better.

14 Aug 2009

Afternoon Panel Update

I’ve just been told that my panel will be broadcast live on C-Span this afternoon. It will begin sat 3 pm ET. Thought folks would want a heads up.

Later this evening, when I’m not typing from Marcy’s little laptop, I’ll post a copy of my opening statement for folks who won’t be able to watch.

14 Aug 2009

Fun With Dick And George? You Oughta Know

I wondered how long we’d have to wait after the Time Bush/Cheney legacy article a coupla weeks ago before there was crossfire.

Lo, and behold. Shooter fires back using Barton Gellman as a conduit for carefully worded scattershots. (yeah, bad pun.)

Anyone else feel like the whole fricking nation is stuck in an angry Alanis Morrisette song with those two just certain their 15 minutes never, ever ends?

More fun with

13 Aug 2009

Another Connecting Dot On The Rove Role In DOJ Firings?

In my first sweep through the DOJ firings docudump, I’m not finding any answers to a question that I posed to David Iglesias during his book salon.

And I’d looooove to know the answer.It’s John Anderson’s fault. When I was reading his fabu book, Follow The Money, I noticed a cryptic note about some Rove tactical maneuvering that stuck in my mind.The tidbit in a footnote on page 277:

13 Aug 2009

Connecting The Eyeliner Dots On the Rove Role In DOJ Firings?

With the recent release of a myriad of e-mails, documents and breathy reportage and leakage, it’s no wonder that Rove and Gold Bars Luskin tried to get themselves out in front of the wave by giving multiple “exclusives.” Oxymorons notwithstanding, when you have bad PR coming your way, it’s always better to stand in front of it shouting “look, over there!”

It’s like the dogs in Up.

12 Aug 2009

DOJ To Beef Up Corporate Fraud Enforcement? Oh Happy Day!

Word is that the DOJ is seriously beefing up the fraud enforcement unit within the Criminal Division. This is some very good news indeed: The department is looking for what Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer calls “a superstar” to lead the fraud section. It also plans to add 10 trial attorneys and fill the long vacant job of deputy chief for corporate, securities and investment fraud.

11 Aug 2009

OLC: Grand Obstruction Party Still Obstructing Dawn Johnsen’s Nomination

Listen my children and you shall hear, of the continued obstruction and gooberish fear… The Grand Obstruction Party and weak-kneed Democratic leadership. Still at it: Still unconfirmed are three circuit court nominees and four nominees for assistant attorney general positions, including Dawn Johnsen for the Office of Legal Counsel.

10 Aug 2009

Tortured Logic: In The Government’s Own Words

The torture memos produced by the OLC were never meant to be seen and parsed by the public. These memos used incredibly tortured logic to justify acts which, in prior wars, the United States prosecuted as war crimes. The ACLU has put together a video of these words of tortured logic being read aloud.  Watch it.

08 Aug 2009

Pull Up A Chair…

When I was a young girl, watching Julia Child on our local PBS station was the height of entertainment for me.

There was something fascinating about watching this hilariously extremely-serious-about-cooking woman baste and chop her way through an entire show, reveling in her mistakes and laughing. And then turning out these fabulous dishes which she clearly took great pride in cooking.

07 Aug 2009

Friday Sunset

Today’s quote comes from Robert Coram: …it is here where wealthy and dignified mortals roll along the streets in all the parade and trappings of royalty, while the lower class are not half so well fed as the horses of the former.