21 Aug 2009

Friday Muppet Blogging

It’s a free range chicken kinda day.

Prepare to giggle.

A lot.

Gonzo, assorted chickens and Strauss. What could be more perfect for a Friday?


21 Aug 2009

OLC: Even More GOP Obfuscation On Dawn Johnsen?

All signs point to yes. Paul Mirengoff at Powerline has been the point man for the Federalist Society talking points on Johnsen’s nomination. And he recently went with the inaccurate hyperventilation technique here: …Dawn Johnsen, President Obama’s aggressively radical nominee… Note that for Paul, John Yoo and David Addington are jim dandy, and a government which willfully lies to you about violating the laws and your civil rights is a-okay. But Dawn Johnsen? She’s “aggressively radical.”

20 Aug 2009

It’s A/C Installation Day! Booyah!

We’re having a new air conditioner unit installed this morning, as well as some updates to our system in the whole house. Beginning at the crack o’ dawn. *YAWN* Happily, it will be a more energy efficient system overall once they are done, which makes me really happy.

19 Aug 2009

The Craptastic Bush DOJ Years: The Gift That Keeps On Giving…Headaches

What do you get when you cross political hacks, rules and regs that aren’t respected and a disregarded sense of ethics and the rule of law? A big fat continuing headache at the DOJ, that’s what…

18 Aug 2009

Soylent Greening My Way To Health Insurance

So, health care is being held up by a coalition of dastardly forces known as Blue Dogs, AHIP-sters, golden parachuted profit-sharing millionaire lobbyist-wielders. And six self-important ginormous ego goobers in the Senate, including the ever-charming Chuck Grassley. All of whom who apparently feast on chocolate covered potato chips on the public’s time.

Jeebus, talk about a Super Size Me nightmare in the making.

But something Sen.

17 Aug 2009

Legal News Round-Up

Feeling a little run aground today? Join the club. Here’s a round-up of the legal news that’s catching my eyes at this point: Missed this somehow:  ABA had a reporter’s shield law discussion at their annual convention, featuring Pat Fitzgerald and Reggie Walton among others on a panel discussion.  Interesting back and forth.  Here’s a report from the local ABA branch on the proceedings. And a write-up from Legal Times. Dick Armey pulls out the Popeye defense: “I yam what I yam.”

17 Aug 2009

The End Of Innocence: Uighurs Want A Fair Day In Court

Several days ago, counsel for five Uighur detainees filed a motion to stay a recent Circuit Court decision which upheld broad governmental powers in transferring detainees without third party review by the courts.

The stay is requested pending their appeal of that order to the SCOTUS. SCOTUSblog has helpfully posted the full brief in PDF form.

16 Aug 2009

How The Media Enables And Amplifies The Crazy

On Friday at Netroots Nation, Digby, Marcy and I had lunch at a restaurant near the convention center. At one point, we were laughing so loudly at our table that I was certain we’d end up as someone’s “drunken bloggers” tweet from the restaurant (although we were having iced tea and water to drink because we had panels to contend with later). What set off the laughter? We were reminiscing about the media freak show absurdities the last time around during the Clinton years. And talking about the current circus side show atmosphere of the moment….

15 Aug 2009

Saturday Potluck

Love this song.

Caravanserai by Loreena McKennitt.

Great stuff.

15 Aug 2009

Pull Up A Chair…

As a kid, I was fascinated by science fiction shows.

I loved the original Star Trek series a lot, especially City on the Edge of Forever, just superb writing in that one. (Even though Harlan Ellison still maintains his script got mangled.)

But my big love back then was Dr.